How to set up Ecommerce store and generate Sales

May 26, 2016

Gaurav Kanabar



To setup eCommerce store is a popular way of making money online. If you are interested in setting up eCommerce store and don’t know where to start, this guide will help your steps that you need to take in order to setup money making & profitable eCommerce store.

We will also discuss strategies that you can use to generate online sales.

If you follow the right steps discussed in this article then setting up eCommerce store will be quite easy for you. This post has been placed into logical order based on how you decide on product, source product, choose the platform, launch & grow a profitable business.

Decide on Product

You need to find out which product you want to sell on the online platform.

Before doing anything else you need to first decide on the product. You can select the product from which generate highest sales in an overall eCommerce market.

If you have expertise in any industry or already own brick and mortar store then it becomes little easier to select a product.

You can search our Big eCommerce players like Amazon, Ebay to get basic know how of the product that they have competence in. Amazon is said to be king of all eCommerce store.

If I type in “shoes” I’m presented with following products. It offers to sort by price, customer review, sub-categories etc.

Amazon Shoes

Similarly, you can investigate few other products based on your industry and experience.

Sourcing Products

You can source the product from the local market or online. If you don’t have set a channel for the sourcing product then you can meet the local producer of that product and ask them to give you products for your eCommerce venture.

Another way to source product is an online marketplace like Alibaba , eBay etc.

Alibaba is trusted place to source product in bulk, considering that 12.7 billion orders have taken place in it.

If you type ”premium shoes” you will be presented with a list of suppliers. Sites like Alibaba make it easy for the purchaser to conduct due diligence and get know about the seller.

Alibaba also offers Gold Supplier partners which provide extra safety and authenticity to buyers. Alibaba provides 100% quality, payment, and Shipment protection. You can also ask for sample products if you are planning to order in bulk.


You can contact a few of them and ask for a quote.

Choosing Platform

After you have decided on product and source, you need to choose a platform for e-commerce development. There are plenty of options available for platforms. Platforms like Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce are available.

Your web development partner can help you choose you a good platform for your eCommerce website. You need to explain your product & your business model to the developer and they will present your various options available for development.

While choosing the platform you need to keep in mind that after developing an eCommerce website, you would be able to handle the backend side to manage your eCommerce website.

Setting up Store

Once you have selected on product and chosen the platform, the web developer will start the work on the backend side.

It’s really important for you to have frequent communication with a developer in order to develop your store according to your likes and taste. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is an important element from a user perspective.

However, other than technical aspects of setting up the store, you also need to focus on copywriting. You need to convince someone about why they should buy your product.

You need to highlight USP (Unique Selling Point) of your product, make sure you write a precise and convincing description.

Check out a cool website for Startup business ideas for Small business and Entrepreneurs.

Driving Traffic to Store

After building eCommerce you need to attract visitors to the site. To drive traffic there are various online marketing options. You need to figure out about your target audience. What influence them and what’s their shopping behavior? When you know right kind of information it becomes easier for you to get right marketing platform for you to market.

Here are few ways you can market your site to get traffic.

-PPC (Pay Per Click)

-SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

-Social Media Marketing

-Inbound Marketing

-Facebook Advertising

Optimization for Store

Optimization for your eCommerce store can be in various ways. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can be done to improve conversion rate for your site. With CRO you can really convert your site visitors and generate sales. For example, your site conversion rate is 1% with improvisation it can be 2% or 3%. It will improve your bottom line and generate sales in an exponential way.


In this blog post, we have listed our steps to set up eCommerce store for your business.

We have discussed how you can decide & source product, but also how can you choose the right platform for eCommerce development.

We hope that you will get inspired and start a store of your own and see how things work out for you.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding How to set up eCommerce store and generate Sales.

Let me know any questions if you have in comment regarding it. I will reply ASAP.

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