How to Quickly Build MVP For Startups ?

You have an amazing idea and want to get started with your product to pursue your startup dream.

Before you invest your precious time and money to build a whole product, you should strongly consider building MVP ( Minimum Viable Product) first. MVP is a prototype that can be developed rapidly with minimum possible features that you can show to potential clients, investors, and stakeholders.

MVP provides an opportunity to test hypotheses before building a full product, and it is a good starting point to build MVP. The main idea behind building MVP is to find out whether other people find it worth it and pay for it.

For example, a startup company wants to see if drones would be valuable for collecting data for farms such as an aerial survey of crops to help farmers keep track of plant growth, irrigation system, etc. This project seems an interesting idea at first, but developing MVP for this project & Checking out the viability of the project can give us a better understanding before building the whole product.

Drones for Farm

Let’s get this straight. The complexity of the MVP depends on the type of product or service. MVPs can range from Creating Landing page & Run Ad-words to early prototypes.

We will discuss Step By Step Process, which will help you in Building MVP for your Startup quickly.

Separate Landing Page

The “Landing page”  is the page that your potential customer & visitors come to. You can list down important features and benefits of your product that can attract visitors to take action, such as fill up the sign-up form, register for an update for your product or ask for a trial, etc.

Here is a landing page example from the buffer. It has a clear call to action (CTA) on the landing page. Leo Widrich, Founder of Buffer App, created MVP for his app and tweeted to see if people would be interested in trying his app. An early version of the app only allowed you to schedule your tweets.

Buffer app Landing Page

Kate Rutter made an interesting point and uses landing pages to “sell first & build later approach. This can be effective only when landing pages are able to communicate the message through the right information to a potential customer.

You can use tools like LandingI , IM Creator, LeadPages etc. to quickly build Landing pages for your Startup.

Use Powerful SaaS Tools

You can take advantage of many Software Services companies to quickly build your MVP.

Zopim, LiveChat, Olark – According to Kissmetrics, Live Chat can maximize conversion. Customer chat support is something that is important, and you can get started easily with These services. These services offer an easy to integrate script, and you can get started.

Kissmetrics, Mixpanel – It can be used for detailed analytics of your customer. You just need to add a simple HTML code on your website or landing page to get started with analytics.

Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk –  can be used to provide great customer support services to keep collecting important information from your customer to build MVP. I particularly like to for customer support and feedback. They are the complete package for your customer communication needs.

Create Survey Forms

Getting Feedback is great!

You can use services like JotForm Survey Maker, Typeforms, MailChimp, Google Forms, etc. to create attractive survey forms that can help you get insight. You can Delight your respondents with attractive and engaging questions. The researcher found out that the online survey completion rate is far greater than written surveys or telephonic interviews. This is a cheaper, faster, and quick way to gather feedback from the customer about your MVP.

Running validation surveys on Platforms like Google and Facebook.

Pitch to Your MVP to Influencers:

Social Media Influencers

Image: CyberAlert

You can find our influencer in your niche in Tools like Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, etc. Before you pitch your product to influencers, you need to learn the art of Successful Influencer Pitch. An influencer with 100,000 to 300,00 with the highly engaged follower is a good place to start with. Don’t directly pitch your product to them. Politely ask them the benefits of your product or services and how it will benefit their community as a whole. Get creative at pitching because a combination of right pitching and influencer can make it viral, and you will get the results that you were hoping for.

Community Feedback

Do you know that community such as Digital Point, Warrior Forum, etc. can provide insightful feedback regarding your MVP.


Image source: Jotflow

You can use this community forum to gather constructive feedback regarding your product. Many industry leaders and veterans use this forum regularly to interact with fellow entrepreneurs or small businesses.

A/B Test

If you have a landing page for your Startup, you can use the A/B Test to try different variants to see what attracts your customers the best.

A/B Testing for Mobile App

Image Souce : Kissmetrics

This can give you an insight into what your customer wants to see and what they like. There are several services that you can use for A/B tests. A few of the services that provide similar kinds of services are Optimizely, Kissmetrics, VWO, etc.


Don’t burn your money on the product that nobody wants. It is always a good idea to build MVP and test it in the market with potential customers & industry experts. Develop an extensive MVP strategy to market it and collect detailed feedback. MVP is, therefore, a minimum viable plan to go to the market and test your idea.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding How to Quickly Build MVP For Startups.

Let me know if you have any comments regarding it. I will reply to you ASAP.

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