Are you startup? Market your startup with these 5 ways that large companies can’t do!


If you are a startup business you may be wondering how you can market your business at low cost or in free. Almost every owner of startup business have this question. In this article we will try to find the answer of this question. In this article we will provide the low cost ways to startup business owner that they can market their business. So Let’s find the answer to question  How to market startup :

Be Focused On Customer Experience

This is the first answer to question of  How to market startup. If you are a startup business than you should take feedback from your customer. What was their experience with your product. This will take you to reality of your product. I will advise you that stay closed with your customers, engage in learning from their actions and feedback.

How to market startup

Segment Base Promotions

This is the second answer to question of How to market startup. Segment your customer base and promote that way. If your customer base is “House wives??? than you can promote your product near around schools. You can also run a door to door campaign. You can also start promoting your business on T.V. with serial focusing on housewives. This will really yield the fruits and will give you more benefits.

Exposure To Media

Old fashioned media is still in exposure. Make a story of business and consumer for your company and also think the relevant places to distribute. One of the relevant story can be social media. Apply something special to attract the customers. Give them something personal and noteworthy to dig into. You can start with blog and then you can go ahead.

How to market startup

Your Pricing Should Be Competitive

Pricing will really affect your customer base. First of all think about which customer will buy your product? Your customer will be of upper class or middle class or lower class? Based on this you should decide the price of your product. This will really help you. Your pricing should be very competitive to the industry you are belonging.

Product Specific Offers

As you are just a startup, product specific offers will really help you to grow. Like with one product you can give other product free. This will also help to grow the market of other product as well. This will also attract the customers to buy your product and will help you to promote the products.


I hope you have found some valuable tips and points to how you can market your products as a startup. Wish you all the best as a startup!!!

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