How to Market Online Events: Explore to Find the Best Way to Leverage Excellent Results

Choosing the promotion methods can significantly impact on how successful your event will be in today’s market. Many brands have established their place in the online hierarchy as they know it well that it can help them to promote their event efficiently. This helps them to leverage excellent results and drive more audiences in lesser time. If you want to know how to leverage instance results, then learn how to market online events: explore to find the best way to leverage excellent results for your organized event.

According to the Content Marketing Institute report, approximately 73% of B2B marketers are listed “in-person events” on the top B2B marketing tactics. That statistic can raise questions like how you can host a successful event for your business and how you can market the same to make it a grand success. Making the event successful during the time of social distancing has become much more difficult for any of the individuals. Thus it becomes vital for individuals to pay attention to various tactics that can help them make their event successful.

Top Tips to Consider for Marketing Your Event Online

In response to COVID-19, most digital marketers are leveraging the power of webinars and video conferencing to hold live events. If individuals are planning to host a digital event, then they need to keep various things in mind. They need to consider promotional strategies that would be used for an in-person event to apply when hosting a webinar.

Undoubtedly marketing any of the events online is one of the most difficult tasks. Still, it can become more comfortable when any individual considers involving the right marketing tactics in their event marketing strategy. Following online marketing tips can help you find an ideal audience and convert them into paying customers in lesser time.

One of the reports represents that online marketing tactics can help you increase potential leads by 20 to 40%. Your event can be epic! If you consider paying attention to various marketing tactics. There are numerous benefits that event organizer can leverage by considering to pay attention to different marketing tactics; these benefits include the following:

  • Continued engagement with clients
  • Increase potential leads.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Reduced expenses.
  • Wider audience access.
  • Increased brand awareness.

Undoubtedly online marketing has changed the event landscape to a great extent. It has made it easier for you to reach a huge audience base globally. There are countless tactics and tips that you can consider to market your event online and make your event the next grand success in a short time span. Learn to know how to market your event online without investing a great penny on the same.

Promote Event on Your Site

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Make sure to develop a unique event page for your event. It was found that 51% of the audience who land on your webinar’s page gets converted. Now you might be wondering about how to make a landing page for an online event? The answer is straightforward; you can start by developing a landing page helping you to provide an excellent online experience that contains all the essential information that acts as a home base for attendees’ needs.

It can help you sell the event you have hosted; you can optimize it with registration information, speaker bios, logistics, agendas, directions or log in details, etc. Keep in mind that the average attendee duration is 54 minutes; keep in mind that the duration of attendance impacts how easy it is to get into the event.

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Use Your Network

Report by Global Web Index (GWI) shows that 29.5% of all internet users consider reading brand emails from a company they follow. Use your email, contact lists, or newsletter to leverage numerous advantages by sending an invitation ensuring their involvement with the event. If possible, set up a drip campaign helping you to deliver tailored messages about the event you are considering to host leading up to the date.

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The above figure shows that 55% of registrants viewed the webinar recordings. Hence it becomes vital for you to analyze past attendance. If you have hosted the event in the past? Then start sending your event information to previous members who have attended your hosted event in the past. This can help you to know what number of audiences are ready to interest in becoming the part of the event you hosted.

Share it Socially

In this time of social distancing, 33.4% of all internet uses spend their time on social platforms. As of 2019, the internet users spend around 144 minutes per day on social platforms, which was higher than the previous year as it was found around 142 minutes during the past year.

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Today, around 97% of B2B marketers are considering making use of LinkedIn because it helps them to build brand awareness. It is quite easier for you to create an event through the Linkedin platform and invite more connections to join the event, just like the Facebook platform.

The event organizers can also consider using other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and many more to market their hosted event, ensuring their event success in no time. Also, consider making use of your connections and related hashtags to promote your webinar organically. You can also use sponsored updates to enhance the visibility of your hosted event, find engaging groups, and share the details of your event to let more and more people know about the same.

Leverage Content

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Almost 4.57 billion people globally use the internet as of April 2020, encompassing 59% of the global population. Thus it becomes vital for the event organizers to consider marketing their event digitally. Report by GlobalWebIndex shows that 92% of internet users prefer watching videos online. Ensure to distribute and create event materials to promote the event online.

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and many more are terrific platforms that help you to promote your video content to enhance your quickly ensuring your event success. You can include footage from previous in your video, speakers in action, and much more. You can also focus on paid ads to target your business in no time.

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In the same survey, it was also noted that more than 53.8% of people strongly trust those brands who prefer to run online promotions. If you are hosting a paid event online during the touch time of social distancing, then free ticket giveaways are one of the best ways to help you to create buzz and excited attendees. Also, keep the buzz going on other social media platforms; this will definitely help you to make your event a next grand success.

Invest in Paid Ads

Create a retargeting display campaign; this can help you have a quick look into the number of audiences who have viewed your event page but haven’t registered for the event. You can take the support of social media ads to retarget those people who have visited your event page previously. Ensure that your event is promoted to the right target audience, also make sure to target the right audience on professional social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and many more.

Ending Note

Online marketing is one of the great ways to promote your events because there are numerous ways and possibilities for how you can market your event online. The numerous options can be overwhelmed, but you do not have to incorporate all the tips into marketing your event online. You can choose some of the best event marketing ways to leverage excellent results for the event which you have hosted online. 

Choose your favorite marketing tactic and start testing them with the group of the audience whom you want to target. Keep a record of what works and also ditch what doesn’t work for marketing your event online. You can take the support of working ways when you host the event and are looking for more new ways to market the same online. You can also consider taking the support of a professional event management company helping you to market your event and make it a big success.

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