How to Get Started with Music Streaming App?

The music streaming app market is found to be one of the most profiting fields these days. These advanced apps are empowered with wireless technologies and high-speed Internet standards. In one of the recent reports, it was found that streaming apps experienced huge growth in revenue in the last few years. The revenue growth was measured around 7.9% in 2019, while this increased by 15.3% during 2023.

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In the same report, it was also represented that the music streaming segment reached around $14,431, while it is estimated to reach about 20829 by the end of the year 2024. Thus starting with a music streaming app can be very beneficial for any of the individuals worldwide.

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But have you ever thought about how to get started with music streaming apps like Melodify? How does it really work? How has it been crafted? How much does it cost to craft the streaming app? and much more. You need to know all before jumping to the development journey of the same. You have to take the end number of things into consideration, especially when it comes to developing a music streaming app like Melodify.

Crafting a Music Streaming App Like Melodify: Explore Everything You Must Know About

Due to the advent of modern technology, physical recordings have become one of the outdated things these days. Today more than 86% of customers prefer to listen to music using one or other on-demand streaming services. According to the IFPI Global Music 2019 report, revenue from music streaming apps was estimated to reach around $8.9 billion worldwide in 2018; this is around $6.7 billion high from the previous years.

To provide you with a quick glimpse, we have listed here some of the important pointers which can help you to know how you can get started with music streaming apps like Melodify. We have also listed some of the competitors’ names with whom you have to compete to craft an excellent solution and make it a next grand success. But before moving further, please at what exactly Melodify is? and how it works to address the demand of users.

About Melodify

Melodify is one of the advanced audio streaming platforms that users use to stream songs of their choice on any of the platforms they want. They generate a playlist based on their musical preferences. Melodify offers access to numerous users, they can access a huge range of content as per their convenience. They can also follow their favorite artist and friends and can also view the listening activity.

Since Melodify is not only the on-demand streaming service that numerous users are using these days, there are many other streaming platforms that users are leveraging these days, explore the below list to have a glimpse of most popular music streaming services and also short descriptions related to it.

Apple Music

This music platform offers access to leverage of more than 50 million songs and offers them with a three‑month free trial. Apple Music was owning more than 60 million subscribers worldwide. This music streaming service was introduced first at Apple’s WWDC 2015.

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During a survey, more than 8% of consumers responded that they will prefer to use the service on a monthly basis while around 7% of customers will prefer to use the service on a weekly basis. However, Apple Music was ranked on top in 2017 as a large number of young users prefer to use this as online music services, while 38% of young people use Spotify frequently.

YouTube Music

YouTube’s music service provides users with two main versions that are:

1. A free ad-supported version.  

2. A premium version.

Premium version includes numerous benefits like background play, audio-only mode, ad-free music, and many more. During the survey, more than 82% of people respondents from the United States responded that they prefer to use YouTube for leveraging music.

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music provides access to more than 40 million songs. When any of the users choose to opt for a Google Play Music subscription, then users are also provided with YouTube Music Premium. Google has more than 15 million subscribers just for its music-streaming services.

Google is giving a tough fight to its users, especially when it comes to music streaming services, this service provider has huge subscriber numbers than any other music platform. Google has mainly had two paid music services, these services include:

1. YouTube Music.

2. Google Play Music.

It is found that Google Play Music has more than 15 million subscriptions, which is quite higher than any other music streaming platform.

Is Getting Started with Music Streaming Like Melodify still a Good Business Idea?

According to Statista, more than 1200.9 million users preferred to leverage different music streaming services in 2017, this number is expected to jump high by 1268.5 million in 2018 while it is also predicted that the same number will grow and jump to 1400 million marks by  2022.

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Thus it can be said that the music streaming market is growing rapidly with each passing day and is experiencing positive growth since the last few years. Moreover, the increasing number of people getting engaged with the app, and using it is always impressive. It was that in the US alone, around 18% of smartphone users spent their valuable time with music apps. This number is just next to the number of social media users as it is highest with 20% of the users’ engagement.

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How to Setup Your Music Streaming Service Like Melodify?

There is no doubt that getting started with an audio streaming service like Melodify is a great business idea. It provides you with a massive alteration, especially when it comes to choosing business models, this choice will definitely help you to adapt to lead the market. If you have a wonderful and profiting business plan, then you can definitely start your own business. Explore below pointers to know how you can start your audio streaming platform, just like Melodify.

Step 1: Choose a Business Model

Remember that the music streaming sphere can accommodate a huge array of business models. You get a variety of choices starting from subscription-based to Ad-based to transaction-based, you can adopt any of the models as per your business requirement from a huge stack of monetization tactics. However, keep in mind that monetization is not a big deal.

One of the major concerns which every streaming business faces these days is to select the right platform model. Every music streaming app which is available in these days are making use of two access models, these models include:

1. Community Access Model.

2. Branded Access Model.

Thus make a smart choice for the business model while choosing it for your first audio streaming app.

Step 2: Find a Clone Script

Based on the business model which you have selected for your first music streaming platform. You need to find excellent audio streaming software that suits it. Opting for clone script can prove to be the best option as it helps users to upload the tracks. But if you don’t want to opt for a clone script then you can go for app development, you can find a professional music and audio streaming app development company that can help you to get your dream project in less time.

Professional music and audio streaming app development companies like us will provide you with an excellent solution that also at a pocket-friendly price. Explore to know what we provide in our advance solution:

  • Web-based Admin Dashboard.
  • WebRTC for Browser-Based Audio Streaming.
  • Separate or a Hybrid Mobile App for Both the Platform Android and iOS

Step 3: Customizing, Hosting, and Setting Up Your App

Once you get your app developed as per your requirements, make sure that you set it up and host the same solutions on respective hosting servers, this can help you to go live and address all the requirements of users in the most efficient way. Host your music streaming app on the webserver, as well as also launched it on respective App stores.  

Step 4: Get the Streaming Rights

Before going live, make sure that you get all the streaming rights from the artists and labels. Remember that you just can’t upload any track on your app, you need to follow the copyright laws to leverage a hassle-free business operation. You can also get in terms of other music distributors who hold all the rights to distribute the music from different artists and labels on various streaming platforms.

Step 5: Start Streaming

Once you complete all the process, you can upload the tracks and can go live. Rest, you need to pay attention to marketing and advertising, which helps you to drive more traffic towards your music streaming business.

Ending Note

Getting started with music or audio streaming platform just as Melodify can prove to be the best option these days. Considering to develop music or audio streaming platform can help you earn a huge penny in lesser time. Thus make a smart choice, especially when it comes to getting started with the music streaming business.

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