Create WordPress Website in Eight Easy Steps

Why WordPress

Why create WordPress website? WordPress advantages.

Domain Name

Picking the best domain name before building WordPress website.

Hosting Provider

Picking the best affordable hosting for your WordPress website.

WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress. First actual step to create WordPress website.

WordPress Configration

Minor configuration changes to optimize your WordPress website.

Free WordPress Themes

Let’s find free WordPress templates for your WordPress website

Adding Content to Site

Steps how to add content your WordPress website the right way.

Adding Plugins

Installing and configuring essential WordPress plugins.

1. Why to Create WordPress Website

Creating WordPress website makes your digital content creation and management super easy. More than 17 million website created with WordPress. When you create WordPress website, you need no programming knowledge or in-house I.T team. You can manage everything your own.

WordPress Market Share | How to create wordpress website.
WordPress usage | Source

Top Six WordPress Advantages


WordPress is free and opensource. Meaning you can freely download, install and use it to create WordPress website. You can modify the framework code to match your needs.


You will be joining the large and active WordPress community of 17+ million users. You get help for pretty much everything on the forum.


The framework has evolved in many years and so does the security. Your digital property will be safe without needing you to write any code for it.


You get free automatic updates. Regular minor updates contains security and bug fixes. Major updates contain new features, a new theme and other fixes.


A newly created WordPress website is mobile friendly out of the box. Additionally you have thousands of free theme to choose from.  I’ll cover this in detail later in the guide.


Do you need extra functionalities? In majority of cases you are covered with large pool of free Plugins library. Plugins extends the base framework’s functionality.

2. Find Domain Name

To have a meaningful domain name is a good first to create WordPress website. It costs around $4 – 5 a year. It’s your address on internet. If you don’t already own a domain, it’s perfect time to have the one.

Three Steps to Pick The Best Domain Name


The name should sound like a Brand. Generic names wouldn’t help much. For instance (notice the ‘k’) domain for a organic-veg startup would be hard to brand.


Choose a short, clear, easy to type & pronounce name. For our organic-veg startup would be a decent fit. Easy, clear and self-explanatory.


1. Numbers & hyphens based name 2. Weirdly spelled name 3. Copyrighted name 4. Unknown TLD: .guru, .pizza, .cheap, .site

Where To Buy Domain Name ?

Domain Name Providers

Choose meaningful domain name to create WordPress website
  GoDaddy Name Cheap Hostgator
Price  $14.99/Year $10.69/Year $12.95/Year
Live Chat
Help Articles
Email Support
Phone Support
Support Ticket


Visit all these three domain name providers websites. Check for the support, documentation, reviews and rating of each companies to make an informed decision. After signing up for domain you should receive an email. The email contains some welcome texts and basic configuration details (i.e name server info). We need those details to create WordPress website.

3. Find Hosting Provider

We need a space on internet server to create WordPress website. That space is known as web hosting. Any standard web hosting would roughly coast you $4-6/Month. A shared hosting plan with Linux and CPanel would be the best fit. Here are three things to consider.

How to Choose Hosting Provider ?


You will need it. Measure the support quality. Make a call to their support number or initiate support chat. Observe how much time does it take to connect you with an agent. Measure the support quality and friendliness.


The more the better. If you offered an unlimited bandwidth and storage you need to see anything else. For starter any plans more than 1 GB of bandwidth & storage is good enough.

Make Sure You Get

1. Free email: It gives you branded email id. 2. CPanel: CPanel for hosting management. 3. Auto Scripts: It makes create WordPress website very easy and fast.

Hosting Providers

Hosting Providers

Choose any shared hosting to create WordPress website
  HostGator  InMotion  SiteGround 
Plan  Hatching  Launch  Start Up
Price  $5.95/Mo $6.29/Mo $3.95/Mo
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage 10GB
Unlimited Email
One Free Domain

Note: Please read if your domain and hosting provider are different. You need this to create WordPress website. On signup for hosting, you receive an email which has DNS address. Not sure ask your hosting support for your DNS. Ask your domain support to change your domain’s DNS to one you provide.

4. WordPress Installation

We have everything needed to create wordpress website. We have domain name and active hosting account. The next step is to install WordPress to create business wordpress website. I will make your wordpress installation journey hassle free and matter of minutes.

Automated WordPress Installation

Login to your hosting CPanel. • Go to the Software / Services section. (If you can’t find it. Press Ctrl + F and type Software and it will bring to the section). how to create wordpress website | WordPress Automatical install script • Now you may see an icon named “Softaculous” or “Quick Install” press the link. • It opens a new window. You will see plenty of ready to install scripts. Search for WordPress and click Install button. how to create wordpress website | WordPress Installation screen • Now it asks you to add Username and Password. Use easy to use and hard to crack credential. Please make a note if you find it difficult to remember. We will need to login to WordPress admin area in the next segment.

5. Basic WordPress Configuration

Well technically you have created a wordpress website now. We need to add meaningful content to your WordPress website. In the next sections we will be covering the steps that makes your website look more professional and has meaningful content.

Change Title, Tag line & Modify general settings

  • Login to your WordPress admin (YourDomain/wp-admin)
  • Click Settings from left navigation panel
  • On right section you will see a page where you can edit the information.

how to create wordpress website | wordpress general settings

  • Site Title: Add the text that describe what your site is about.
  • Tagline: Short online statement about your business.
  • Membership: Uncheck the box. You wouldn’t need any visitor to register on your website.
  • Date Format: Choose your prefered date format. WordPress will use this formate to show you date in various places.
  • Time Zone: Choose your preferred time zone.

Now let’s disable commenting: To disable commenting on WordPress website, click on Discussion under settings. Deselect the allow people to post comments on new articles. how to create wordpress website | disable comments

6. Finding the best WordPress theme for your website

By installing WordPress, you will get a default theme installed and active. Default theme is good for blogging. We need a professional theme as we are creating a WordPress business website.

Steps to find best free WordPress themes

  • Login to your WordPress admin area
  • Click Appearance from left navigation menu.
how to create wordpress website | Wordpress free theme setup 1
  • Click Themes from Appearance menu.
  • Click Add Themes on the page.
How to create wordpress website | WordPress free theme
  • Now click on the popular tab as shown in image above.
  • You see a long list of popular themes. You see the theme preview as an image on list.
  • Surf through the list of themes. Install a theme you like the most.
how to create wordpress website | Wordpress free theme installation
  • After installing the theme, you will see an Activate button. Press the activate button. Activate theme to use it.
  • Install all plugins suggested by theme. (If any).

7. Add Content to Your Site

Congratulations for completing setting up wordpress website this far! You are just two steps away from professional wordpress website creation. Now as you have picked up a business theme. It’s time to add content to your site and make it more meaningful.

1. How to add pages in WordPress

  • Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Click Pages on the left navigation panel.
  • What you see is the list of pages available on your WordPress website.
create wordpress website | wordpress pages list

Add Page

  • Now click on Add New button as show in image.
  • It opens a page where you can create a new page for your wordpress website.
    • The first text box is to add title of your website page.
    • Next section is WYSIWYG editor. It’s a ms-word like editor. You will add all your page’s content in this box.
create wordpress website | WordPress add page

2. How to add posts

  • Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Click Posts on the left navigation panel.
  • What you see is the list of posts available on your WordPress website.
create wordpress website | WordPress posts listing

Add Post

  • The add new post layout is same as the add new page layout.
  • You need to add title and content to respective area to create a post.
  • Here is an image how add new post page look like.
create wordpress website | Add Post WordPress

3. How to add navigation menu in WordPress

You need a navigation menu on your site for your visitors to navigate various pages. You may find top navigation bar in majority of websites. Creating navigation menu is one of the essential part of how to create wordpress website. It improves ease of use of your website.

  • Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Click Appearance from left navigation menu.
  • Click on Menus under Appearance.
create wordpress website | create navigation menu
  • Give your new menu a name and hit create menu.
  • Check the box named “Primary Menu“.
  • Check the pages you want to add to menu from left Pages section and hit Add to Menu. Highlighted in image.
create wordpress website | add items to wordpress menu
  • Hit save menu button.
  • Click Manage Location tab as highlighted in image.
  • On Primary menu select your menu “Your Menu Name” from drop down. Highlighted in image below.
create wordpress website | adding menu navigation
  • Hit Save Changes. It adds a navigation menu to all pages.

4. How to configure sidebar in WordPress

Sidebars are good for blog posts. It gives your readers more option to opt for new content by category, tag or post titles. It’s useless for pages. We can remove that side bar and utilize that space for our site content. If you are using any 3rd party theme. The chances are you already have an option that automatically hides those sidebars for pages. If not here is the procedure to remove the sidebars.  

  • Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Click Editor under Appearance from left navigation panel.
create wordpress website | disable sidebar for pages
  • Click Single Page(page.php) to edit the content. Demonstrated in image.
  • Find the code below (Highlighted in image)

<?php get_sidebar(); ?> replace it with <?php /* get_sidebar(); */ ?> // sidebar commented.

8. Essential Plugins

Finally the last part of how to create WordPress website! Thank you for following the guide this far. You have build a professional website all by yourself! Now it’s time to fine tune your website a bit and add a bit functionality. WordPress is the richest CMS framework in terms of plugins collection. You have thousands of up to date plugin to extend the native functionality. We have mainly 3 plugins to install and configure.

  1. Yoast
  2. Google analytics

1. Yoast

It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about SEO. Install this plugin. Follow instructions on pages – posts creation. You will defiantly have strong on-page Search Engine Optimized pages and posts for your website. This is very popular SEO plugin on WordPress. It receives regular updates. And each updates bring better user experience and fine tuned features. It premium version as well. If you need professional support you can opt for premium version. free version would be good enough.

how to create wordpress website | How to install yoast plugin
  • Log in to your WordPress admin section.
  • Click Plugins from left navigation.
  • Click Add New plugin under Plugins section.
  • Enter Yoast in Search plugin text box as shown in image.
  • Hit Install button to install the plugin.
  • Hit Activate to activate plugin.

2. Google Analytics

It would be great if you can measure your website traffic. Google Analytics is the great free utility to measure and analyze your website’s traffic. You can turn the insights into an action. It helps you make an informed decision that helps you boost your website’s traffic. If you know nothing just follow this procedure and setup google analytics.  

How to create wordpress website | how to install google analytics plugin in wordpress
  • Signup for google analytics account:
  • Add your website url for tracking.
  • You will receive a tracking id like: UA-########-#
  • Now Log in to your WordPress admin section.
  • Click Plugins from left navigation.
  • Click Add New plugin under Plugins section.
  • Enter Google Analytics in Search plugin text box as shown in image.
  • Hit Install button to install the plugin.
  • Hit Activate to activate plugin.
  • Now click Google Analytics under Settings on left navigation.
  • Enter tracking id: UA-########-# on the page and hit Save button.

Help ?

Are you stuck somewhere while creating WordPress website? If you did, you can reach out to me at: and email me your query. I will try to respond you back soon. Please help me spread the world and share this guide anyone who may need this. Thank you for following the how to create WordPress website tutorial. And congratulations for creating a professional looking WordPress website all by yourself!  

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