How To Create Project In Xcode : IOS Basics

Dec 02, 2015

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Introdcution : How To Create Project In Xcode?

Mac is a product of Apple Inc. To develop on mac there is an editor called xcode is used. There are basically two languages are used like objective c or swift. Swift is new language than objective c. In this article I will show you how to create project in Xcode(an editor used for ios on mac platform). So  let’s get started.


When xcode is installed on you mac, the symbol of xcode looks like this:



how to create project in xcode

Welcome Screen

When you click on the above screen the following screen will come:

how to create project in xcode

This is first option. This is a playground where you can learn swift and instantly see your output.

Create A New Xcode Project

This is second option. Here you can create a new project and build you app.

Check Out An Existing Project

This is the third option where you can edit an existing project.

So now select or click create a new Xcode project and you will see the following screen on your pc:

Create A Project

how to create project in xcode

In the above window you will see several options to create a project. But we will click on single view application. Select it and click on next.

Options For New Project:

how to create project in xcode

Here first will be your product name. In this case it is myapplication. Then after enter for what organization you are working. Here I am an individual so I have entered my name. Then after you have to enter url of your organization. After that bundle identifier is generated. You don’t have to do anything it is generated automatically. It is of organization identifier.product name. You can also select a language i.e. swift or objective-c. Then after you can select for what device you are creating a project i.e. for ipad, iphone or for both(universal). For next step in how to create project in xcode click next..

Select Path To Save

Next you will see following screen on your pc:

how to create project in xcode


Select a particular path and save your project and click create button right below.

After your project is created you will be redirected to above screen. These are the app setting. Now go left top and select main.storyboard.

Your StoryBoard:

Now you will see you storyboard as under and you are ready to get started for your app.

how to create project in xcode

I hope this article has helped you and now are knowing all about how to create a project in xcode. Thanks for reading this article.

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