How to Create an Online Event with Eventz? Check to Organize Event Efficiently

Jul 01, 2020

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Event planning is one of the most stressful tasks, even for those who possess the experience with the same field from years. Keep in mind that there are never efficient hours to plan an event, there are certain chances that everything might go wrong. Hence you need to do various things helping you to lessen your stress level to a great extent.

If you have never organized the event, then event organization can be a bit of a complicated task for you. Hence you need to learn to know how to create an online event with EventZ? How this platform can help you to organize any of the events efficiently and helps you to win the market in lesser time.

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If you don’t exactly know how to plan an online event in this digital world, then there are certain chances that individuals might face numerous problems due to the same. In the report, it was found that meetings or events helped to generate $1,294 of spending per participant, while more than six million international participants generated around $38 billion of meetings direct spending, representing 11.5% of the sector total.

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It was found that international visitors generated around a disproportionate share of travel spending of around 21.8%, on shopping around 24.6%, and on recreation and entertainment of around 26.5%. More than 39% of event professionals respondent that ‘engaging attendees’ matters the most when it comes to liver event success. And how any of the events can become the next success is by driving more people towards it using online as well as offline strategy.

Explore to Know How to Create an Online Event with EventZ

When it comes to organizing an online event, then make sure to follow a funny duck face rule, this simple rule indicates that you must stay calm outside. At the same time, you must be energetically paddling to keep yourself floating over the water. However, it becomes vital for you to know how to create an online Event with EventZ? How can this platform help you make grand events? What steps you must follow to organize an online event, explore to know everything about organizing events with EventZ.

Step 1: Registration/ Login

The very first step which any of the individuals need to consider while creating their online is to follow an easy registration and login process. Vendors need to enter an email address, first name, last name, password, etc to register themself with the platform.

Eventz Signup

After successful registration and confirmation, any of the individuals can log in to create the very first login event using the EventZ platform. They can even make use of their social accounts to follow an easy login process for creating online events, ensuring to drive more audiences for the organized event in lesser time.

Eventz Sign up

Step 2: Create Event Online

Once after login successfully, the event organizer or any of the individuals can create an event by entering various details regarding the same. They can enter various event titles and can choose to switch between online and offline buttons to create an event. They need to create an online event they need to switch to the online options.

Create Event

Once after switching the button to an online event option, they need to enter an online event link to avail customers with an effective path to reach their event page online. They can also add short notes for the online event which they are creating. They can even set the starting and ending date and starting and ending date for booking the ticket for the event online.

An individual can also add event descriptions and images to give a quick glimpse of the event to the audience and create more curiosity among them for the same and attract them to book the ticket for the pointed event. They can also send refund policies to ensure people about the refund about their penny in case of any deals related to the event.

Once after setting the refund policy, the event organizer can consider selecting event category, status, organizer name, and much more.

Step 3: Create Ticket

Once after filling all the information related to the ticket, an individual can consider creating tickets for online events so audiences can book it online without any hassle encouraging their experience to a great extent. They can select between paid and free ticket options to avail event tickets to the audience as per their requirements.

Create Event

They can go for additional settings such as add Facebook events, switch between publishing options to publish the event crafted. Once after entering all the details related to an event creating and ticket creation, individuals can click on submit events to create the event successfully.

Step 4: Browse Event

Once after creating an online event, an individual is allowed to browse the created event by clicking on the browse event option. They can browse the event as per the category as well as the date to know everything about their created event.

Browse Events

Step 5: Manage Event

EventZ platform facilitates any of the individuals to manage their crafted events efficiently than ever before. They can explore the event by various categories like future events, publish events, draft events, current events, etc, as per their preference to manage it efficiently through the platform.

Manage Events Section

They can even search any of the events directly through the search option available on the platform. This makes it easy for them to search for any of the events they want to search for. They are also allowed to remove any of the events as per their convenience.

Step 6: How to Attend the Event After Creating Event

Once the event is created successfully users will be notified with an email, they will be provided with the link of the event to visit it and get a glimpse of what the event is above so they can attend if they are willing to attend it. Users are provided with the link 30 mins before on the “Ticket” section to get quick access for the same. Once they click on this link they can make purchases of Tickets for a particular event which they want to leverage.

Concluding Note

Take the very first step to learn how to create an online event with EventZ. Opt for advanced and feature-rich platforms helping you to create the online event of your choice with few simple steps. Dive into the working of the EventZ to know how it actually works to provide an excellent result for the event which you create online.

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