How to Create an Event with EventZ: Explore to Organize Your Event Smartly

May 18, 2020

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Did you really know that any of the organizations can plan an event online with the help of some advanced software available in the market? And one such event management and organizing platform are EventZ. This advanced event organizing platform has made it quite easier for organizations to plan events online without any hassle.

Did you know organizing the event online is an easy task? You can just plan your full event through the one-stop solution. Wondering which is that platform? The answer is quite simple it is EventZ, this advanced platform is available for corporate as well as non-corporate use. You need to try this platform to leverage its advantages and to know how it works and helps you to create online events very efficiently and smartly.

Explore What is EventZ Actually and How it Works?

With the EventZ event organizing and handling, the task has become much easier for event organizers. EventZ is an advanced and feature-rich platform developed to cater to all the needs of event organizers as well as ticket seekers worldwide. This event management software is available for both platforms (that is Android and iOS).

An event organizer can organize any of the events of their choice very efficiently using this advanced event management software and can make their event a grand success. There are a few simple steps that event organizers need to consider when it comes to organizing events easily and efficiently with the help of EventZ.

This steps simple include the following:

  • Register yourself with the platform.
  • Follow the easy login process after registration.
  • Now create your event registration page.
  • Make sure to enter all the essential details like images, event information, map of the location, and much more.
  • Create a ticket.
  • After creating an event and ticket successfully, send an invite through social media, and embed the same on your website.
  • Manage ticket booking and sales through the advanced platform.
  • Collect payment through multiple payment gateways like credit or debit cards.
  • Promote your event successfully.
  • Allow visitors with the easy check-in process at the event.
  • Interact efficiently and systematically with all the visitors.
  • Keep track of data like revenue, ticket sale, etc.
  • Measure the number of visitors who attained and not attain the event through the platform.
  • Make sure authorized visitors only visit the event by checking their tickets through the platform itself.

Now let’s discuss all the things in detail to explain how you can create an online event with EvnetZ, but before that, let’s understand what an online event is and how it can prove to be useful and beneficial for your organization.

What Online Event Actually Means?

Almost all of us might have attended a webinar (that is a seminar conducted online), online meetings using a video conferencing tool, and an online workout class. All these are simple examples of online events, everything takes place online rather than handling everything in person during the online event.

But online events also demand the same care and attention, which is required while hosting an offline event. And when it comes to handling events online, then the event organizer needs to make sure that they handle the event effectively, try to engage attendees, and also try to create memorable moments for the visitors, this can help them to make their event a grand success.

Make sure to look at the event as engagement driven and value-added, this can help you to create an efficient and impactful event online which helps you to provide an enhanced experience to your prospective visitors, this will definitely help you to exceed your event attendees’ to great expectations. Users can use online meeting tools like Zoom and Google meet to meet virtually and send the meeting link to users automatically to all registered users before the event starts.

There are numerous benefits which event organizer can leverage when they consider organizing the event online, these benefits include the following:


Organizing events through EventZ can provide you with great flexibility, it becomes easy for any of the event organizers to salvage their event through this advanced platform in the case of any changing circumstances.

Lower Expenses

Considering organizing events through the EventZ platform can help you to save huge costs such as vendors, travel, and much more.

Engaged Audiences

Audiences can log in into the platform instantly, event organizers can leverage social tools to improve audience engagement.    


Make it quite easy for event organizers to host the end number of people for a fraction of cost.

Global Access

The whole world is your marketplace when you have internet access.

Ultimate Convenience

Make it easy for the event organizer to deliver their message to anyone at any time and place.

Variety of Choices

Visitors and event organizers are provided with plenty of choices to choose from.


Not a single factor will get an event canceled.

Measurable Results

Make it easy for visitors and organizers to know many things about any of the events, which can’t be grasped easily on the live events.

Few Simple Steps to Consider to Create Online Event with EventZ

There are few simple steps that almost all the event organizers need to follow, especially when it comes to creating an online event through EventZ.

Step 1: Easy Registration/ Login

Event organizers need to register themself with the EventZ platform, they can follow the registration and login process using their social media login to register themself with the platform within a few minutes.

Step 2: Create Event

EventZ makes it easy and simple for an event organizer to create any of the events within a matter of seconds. Get started by choosing the appropriate and professional name for your event. Now switch between online or offline, also make sure to enter the location and set map at the same time.

Set the date and time of the event, this can help you to avail visitors with the starting and ending date of the event simultaneously.  Now quickly add images of the event, description, address, and much more related to the event on the platform.

Now choose the event category and event status, also make sure to select a refund policy to ensure visitors that their money will be refunded if the event gets canceled in any circumstances.

Step 3: Create Tickets

After entering all the details related to the event, it’s time to create the ticket for the same event. Choose the ticket types that you like to offer to the visitors. Are you planning to host a free or paid event? Choose the option accordingly.

If you are planning to host a free event, then switch to “Free Ticket” else choose the ” Paid Ticket” option to create exclusivity. Also, make sure to add additional details like create an event’s Facebook link, Show the number of remaining tickets, and much more, this will also help you to know exactly how many and who are coming to your event.

Step 4: Publish and Share

Once you enter all the details related to the event and select the ticket type, it’s time to publish your event. Once it comes live to make sure that you share it widely to ensure its success. You can consider sharing the same on Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or any other, this will definitely help you to enhance your event attendance to a great extent.

Why Do Event Organizers need to Organize Online Events Through EventZ?

Our event management solution EventZ can prove to be the best solution when it comes to organizing events systematically and efficiently without any hassle. This impressive platform caters to all the needs of event organizers and is considered a perfect fit for all the professionals.

EventZ is an advanced event management solution with avail event organizers with numerous options like creating a ticket, selling tickets, collecting payments, measuring in-depth analytics, and much more. Moreover, this platform can prove to be an excellent choice for the non-profit side of things. Get in touch with us to know everything about our event management platform and also to arrange a demo for the same.

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