How to Create an App for Podcast Streaming: Complete Guide

Connect your audience directly with an exclusive experience, helping you to expand on the brand. A study reveals that more than 75% of U.S. customers know to the podcast, up from 30% from a decade ago.

Podcasts have gained massive popularity during the past few years globally for various purposes like educational, interviews, storytelling, building brand awareness, etc. Hence many organizations are stepping ahead to create an app like podcasting; now, you might be thinking about how to create an app for podcasting: explore a complete guide to make the process easier and faster.

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Are you interested in how to create a podcast streaming app like Melodify? Then you need to first get familiar with the term podcasting; it can be simply termed as mainstream, which attracts tens of millions of people every week. A Deloitte report shows that the podcasting business will grow and reach around $3.3 billion by the end of 2025.

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Podcasting is a lucrative industry that possesses a lot of room for innovation. Businesses are rushing to build the platform, but many have doubts about how they can create podcasting apps? Before stepping to the process, they need to understand the real meaning of Podcasts.

What is a Podcast?

The term “podcast” is simply a combo of iPod and broadcast. The term simply refers to digital audio files that can be accessed from the internet. Users are allowed to download the podcast on both the platform smartphones and computers. If any individual subscribes to a podcast series, then they can simply receive new episodes automatically.

As of 2020, more than 850,000 active podcasts and around 30 million podcast episodes were available on the internet for download. There is pretty growth in recent years, as there were only 500,000 active podcasts during 2018. These podcasts are completely lined with slowly going mainstream. It is forecasted that around 70% of the U.S. population is aware of the podcast, up from 64% founded in 2018.

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Podcasts can simply term as recordings of content. Users can search for any content and download it as per their convenience.

Experts strongly believe that the market will grow significantly for podcasts. There is an end number of smartphone users globally, and many have an awareness of podcasts, the market is growing exponentially. The podcast industry had reached around $479.1 million in 2018. This industry is estimated to create $1 billion by 2021 in annual revenue. If you are thinking about developing the podcasting app, then the very first question which may strike in their mind is how to create an app for podcasting.

Define Scope

The very first step that you have to consider is to hire a project manager, business consultant, and IT architect. The team has to collect business requirements. There are different things which they can consider for developing the scope, the scopes simply include:

  • Offer advanced and feature-rich apps.
  • Include podcast-related features like Melodify.
  • Make sure to include in-app purchases.

Make sure to build a website for marketing your podcasting app on different platforms.

Develop a Multi-Language Support Platform

Keep different speaking audiences and other audiences in mind, make sure to develop an impressive platform that supports more language. You need to follow best practices, for instance, keep your content completely separate from code. The practices simply fall within the app internationalization.

Choose Appropriate SDLC Model

Launch a “Minimum Viable Product” along with the scope. You can gather customers’ feedback to improve your product. Consider Agile as the right SDLC model for your projects; the SDLC model supports iterative development; you need to learn about what is SDLC and why you need to plan for your project?

Consider Complete Development Team

Follow a few simple rules to develop a strong development team; these roles include:

  • Android developers possess Java skills
  • iOS developers have complete skills
  • Testers
  • UI designers

You can also consider hiring freelance developers for your project development. Make the smart choice, especially when it comes to choosing the right development team.

Project Management Tool

The primary key to success for your project development is planning and execution. You need to pay attention to a useful tool for your project development. There is an end number of aspects that have to be considered to manage the project efficiently. Consider the “Scrum” technique for your project, helping you manage projects considering the Agile methodology.

Search for Suitable WordPress

Choose an impressive WordPress theme that helps you to build a website with a professional feel and look. You can consider “Megaphone: the best Audio podcast WordPress theme” for launching your podcasting business. It is a completely responsive theme that offers amazing templates and layouts. 

The theme has fantastic documentation, along with an impressive website. Use WooCommerce, which possesses a powerful plugin for launching eCommerce on WordPress sites. Thanks to comprehensive documentation available on your podcasting website as it is quite easy to configure.

Get Effective API solution for Finding Podcasts

Users of podcast apps are always in search of the podcast of their choice; they prefer to download and listen to any content on the platform. Therefore your team needs to code the podcast app in such a way that allows them with download and playback devices features; it must also possess the capabilities to search for podcasts. 

Choose the best API enabling users to access a vast podcast database with more than 700,000 podcasts as well as millions of episodes.  API is scalable and fast, providing you with reliable customer support.

eCommerce API Solution

You need to quickly implement an in-app purchase feature within your eCommerce API solution. Also, consider making use of the BigCommerce API solution; it will definitely help you implement advanced features like catalog, cart, etc. It provides a fantastic learning resource for the APIs; it enables fantastic users to access the BigCommerce Help center to study its billing and pricing plan.

Find Impressive Payment Gateway

You need to consider integrating payment gateway; moreover, you need to integrate Stripe as the default payment gateway. The robust API and SDK solution can be beneficial for developing a podcasting app. There are various resources you can consider; their resources are as follows:

  • Payment overview webpage
  • API reference page
  • Stripe documentation

Choose Best SMS API Solution

Keep in mind if you’re thinking of developing a podcasting app, then it needs the “push notification” feature. This advanced feature helps to engage more users; you can consider using the SMS solution. Choose the right API solution to offer a “Programmable SMS” contributing to the platform users.

Test Automation with the Cloud-Based Device

Remember that the app you have developed needs to work efficiently on all the devices; hence test your developed app on a wide range of mobile devices. Also, check whether the cloud is the perfect solution for your podcasting app.

Design Effective Mobile App UI and Website

Consider various steps and consider involving the following within your mobile app and website:

  • The UI design team must follow the WordPress theme to build the podcasting website.
  • The development team needs to follow “Human Interface Guidelines” for the podcasting app.
  • The designer team needs to follow the “Material design” guidelines.

Developing the Android and iOS App

If you aim to build an Android app, developers need to use Java language; they can consider using Android Studio, a popular IDE for crafting Android and iOS app:

  • Integrate impressive SDKs/APIs while crafting a podcasting app.
  • Use Experitest and Espresso devices to test the app.
  • Publish the app on the play store by following all the instructions.
  • Use Objective C and Xcode as your IDE for developing a podcasting app for the iOS platform.
  • Test the app using Experitest and XCTest mobile device lab.
  • Read the guideline to submit your app to the iOS store.

Summing It Up

If you follow all the above-listed pointers, then you can successfully develop a podcasting app. Plan smartly to build a podcast app, make sure to follow each step to develop advanced and feature-rich solutions for users. The above-listed process can help you expenditure your podcasting app with the best platforms, frameworks, tools, and much more.

Moreover, developing a podcast app simply requires a smart way of coding; hence you can take support from a well-established and professional software development company helping you to get your podcasting app developed at a pocket-friendly price.

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