How much is the Website or Mobile App Maintenance cost?

 How much does the Website maintenance cost? How much has the mobile app maintenance cost? These question we often get from customers.

Once the website is designed it doesn’t end of the story. You need to regularly enhance User Interface(UI) and UX(User Experience). And if we talk about the mobile app, app publishing isn’t the end of the road. App downloads are just not enough. You need to go after DAU (daily active user). DAU guys will keep expecting an update, new things etc. on your app or they will find another app and uninstall yours.

Why update your Website or Mobile App?

If your website or mobile app is working fine why should think of updating it? If your website and mobile app users love your site today, there is no guarantee that they will continue to do so in future. Failing to update the website or mobile app can lead to more bounce rate and less customer conversion. Everyday new technology and tech come to market and your website and mobile app need to include new things to keep it relevant among your competitors. Quality and not Quantity matters in the mobile app market. Users expect to an app to work smoothly all the time, and they won’t tolerate any technical problems or downtime on the website. You need the developers and programmers by your side address any issue quickly.

How to Choose a Web Programmer to Maintain your Website

Choosing the right development partner or programmer is very important. A good programmer you can hire around $20/hour on an hourly basis. You need to hire someone who has deep knowledge of the web technologies like.NET, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML/CSS etc. Web Developer also needs to be able to communicate with you and your team. Make sure you choose right development partner to maintain your website.

You need a web developer with working on different technology and platform if you have a large web or mobile application to manage. He needs to understand the flow of the application and be ale

Mobile App Maintenance

As many programmers know, there is much more to a mobile app that needs enhancement after it is launched. You wouldn’t purchase a new house without expecting to invest in cleaning, furniture, painting etc. The same can be true for the mobile applications. While you have covered almost all the features, you might need to enhance the existing features, develop new features and maintain the app over the long term. Mobile Programmers needs to plan for future updates, bug fixes, and enhancements.

Website Maintenance Cost

In software industry maintenance cost is about 15 to 20 percent of the development cost. Let’s say if your app cost $10,000 to build, maintenance cost would be around $2000. At Alphanso Tech we also follow the industry standard for maintenance. We charge you 20% of the project development cost. If the project is just for maintenance please get in touch with us for the more information.

Learn more about Mobile App & Website Maintenance

Get in touch with Alphanso tech to find out more about the basics of mobile app development & Website Maintenance. Our Expert consultants will help you identify the maintenance requirement for the website or mobile app.

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