How Does Ticketgateway Works -Check the Complete Guide Here!

A haven for event promoters and managers, Ticketgateway is a platform for selling tickets online. You can quickly sell tickets for anything to events that certainly aren’t for minors. If you’re creating an event and are struggling to get the seats filled, Ticketgateway could be the game-changer as per your requirement.

To help you understand how Ticketgateway works, we have brought you a complete guide here, which includes creating events, managing events, and much more. Check into the section you are looking for or learn about for a Ticketgateway tutorial. And when it comes to creating the event, then you can follow a few of the steps right away:

  • Create an event;
  • Add discount codes:
  • Contact with attendees:
  • Review analytics.

Creating and promoting events in tickets on Ticketgateway has no upfront cost, but you are charged a percentage on every ticket sold. The package might differ based on the type of event you are looking to create. If you are looking to create a unique or significant event, Ticketgateway is the best option to choose.

What is Ticketgateway?

Ticketgateway is an event publishing platform that acts as an advanced and smart intermediate between ticket posters and buyers. The ticket hosting platform is significantly facilitated for clients who want to be a part of the event management industry in a unique as well as financially productive way. The clients can efficiently launch the portal and invite the event posters or organizers to post their upcoming event on the valuable and engaging platform and sell tickets through it.

Top Technology Used In Ticketgateway Development

Ticketgateway is developed on Ruby on Rails. The modern technology ROR is selected as the primary base after testing the flexibility offered by a number of programming languages and frameworks. In the end, the development and testing team of Ticketgateway came to a conclusion to choose ROR as the base to develop the event hosting and ticket selling platform.

Other programming languages, as well as PHP-based frameworks, are also used to develop few features, but most of the functionality and features are developed using ROR. On completing the development and testing procedure, ROR was the ideal choice as it served the designing and development team to come up with resourceful and impressive features in Ticketgateway.

How Does Ticketgateway Work?

If you are a business owner, one of the perfect ways to get your name is to participate in or host events around the community. But hosting an event is not the process of creating an event; you also need to promote an event to make more and more attendees know about the same. You can use social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and many more; you can even use email to let most of your followers know that you are hosting an event.

But how simple is it for attendees to share any of the events so that you can get the word out? Also, except you have an RSVP form, it’s impossible to understand how many people will be attending. 

Thankfully, Ticketgateway can help! Ticketgateway helps you host or organize your events online. It’s quick and straightforward to get started, and it’s free to practice unless you’re charging tickets for your event. Besides this the platform also allows you to sell costumes related to your event, you just need to add all the essential details and click on “publish your costume” to provide users with the best one related to the event. 

ticketgateway - event ticketing platform

Ticketgateway is easily shareable, very professional, and provides results analytics. The event ticketing platform also allows you to charge for tickets. To get started with Ticketgateway, you just need to open your account. Creating or hosting an event with Ticketgateway is relatively simple; just add the date, place, time, and other details into the Ticketgateway system.

Once you enter all information, pick or design the custom event invitation. You are allowed to customize the invitations along with colors, logos, and other things you want to customize. After completing the invitation, you can send an email to a list of people or share the same on social media. Don’t forget to promote your hosted event on your branded website, social account, blogs, and other platforms to get the word out as much as possible.

Why Ticketgateway?

Every business person focuses on expected ROI while starting with something new. Ticketgateway is designed and developed to satisfy standard commercial parameters, and hence, it provides more significant ROI. The event-creating solution is packed with all necessary elements that can facilitate, satisfy, and attract the requirements of the event publisher or organizers.

ticketgateway home page

The event organizer or publisher can adequately explain and represent the core functionalities of the hosted event through Ticketgateway. The platform provides several advanced features in the software that can help in impersonating and describing the event systematically. 

Hence, event organizers are not expected to turn their heads around searching for other event publishing software and can quickly get started with Ticketgateway. The event hosting platform is open for customization; hence, if you feel like having some additional features, the team will help you customize the platform faster than ever before.

Everything You Want to Know About Ticketgateway

The event creation process is quite simple with Ticketgateway. You can specially create events for free in a short time. You are required to follow a few gentle steps, and there you go, your event is ready to rock. Create an account if you’re new to the event ticketing platform or login into the account using your login credentials.

homescreen of ticketgateway

After completing the signing process, click on the “Create Event” option to start the event-creating process.

How To Create An Event?

create event with ticketgateway

Steps to follow to create events:

  • Click on “Create Event” to start setting up your events;
  • Select subtitle;
  • Set venue location;
  • Now set even date and time;
  • Don’t forget to add images and videos that engage more attendees;
  • Choose event organizer profile;
  • Select ticket types;
  • Select event topic.

How To Sell Tickets?

Undoubtedly Ticketgateway is the most suitable place for event publishers or organizers to sell tickets online. From concerts to classes, the platform helps individuals to create customized pages and utilize the event hosting software to sell tickets as well as promote their events.

Steps to Sell Tickets:

  • Create an event on Ticketgateway;
  • Choose paid ticket type;
  • Enter price as well as quantity for tickets;
  • Publish your event.

How To Add Features in Events?

Ticketgateway events feature and functionality help you sell out your event tickets and save time as well. It will increase engagement with customers and boost your online sales. Just make sure to add all essentials to the event like:

  • Add referral services;
  • Add widgets;
  • Invite guest;
  • Create promotional codes and access;
  • Send complimentary tickets;
  • Transfer your tickets.

How to Create Widgets?

Ticketgateway provides you with a unique way to sell your tickets right from your personal website or blog by using one of the promotional widgets. It is a great way to drive ticket sales from the event management page; go to “Widgets” and choose any promotional widgets to get started.

Steps to follow to get widget:

  • Sign in to your Ticketgateway account;
  • Go to “My Store”;
  • Choose an event which you need to promote;
  • Go to manage page;
  • Go to the widget located in the right sidebar.

There are few ways to create widgets for:

  • Event page;
  • Event Ticket button;
  • Event Ticket form;
  • Event texts;
  • Event Calendar;
  • Countdown timers.

Once creating a widget, you can generate code for the specific widget. Make sure to copy and paste the code for use on the website.

How Does Ticketgateway Make Money?

The primary source for making money through Ticketgateway is a percentage cut from each ticket sold for an event. The online ticketing platform provides creators different packages, including:

  • Essential;
  • Premium;
  • Professional.

The Ticketgateway provides different fees and features. However, the professional and essential platforms are free for event creators to use; the cut taken by the event ticketing platform differs by tier. However, the services outlined above also allow Ticketgateway to collect personal details and credit card data. The data is shared with event publishers or organizers as it’s used internally for business purposes, like customer segmentation.

Besides making sales through tickets, Ticketgateway also provides other services to streamline the check-in process for event publishers. The check-in solution validates attendee ticket barcodes; the platform is last-minute sales that provides event attendees to purchase event tickets with credit cards at the door.

It’s TIme to Get Started & Get More People There!

Ticketgateway provides you with analytics to know the number of tickets reserved and how many people has opened the email. The event platform makes it easier for you to set the ticket limit, cost, and much more. Ticketgateway is a magnificent way to get the word out and create buzz about upcoming events you host or want to promote. 

If you are thinking of getting a platform similar to Ticketgateway, then Alphanso Tech can help you with it; just get in touch without a team to know how much it costs to build an event ticketing platform for your business. 

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