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Gone were the days when people had to wait in line to get a ticket. Plays, movies, conferences, sports, and other events have one thing in common; the business model implies organizing the event and selling tickets. With modern solutions, event venue owners and managers can leverage the power of CRMs, cloud solutions, mobile apps, and numerous others ways. And one such useful and model platform is Ticket Tailor, and if you are looking to know how ticket tailor works, revenue, and business model, then you’re at the right destination.

The online event ticketing market size reached around USD 46.59 billion in 2017 and is predicted to grow at 4.8% of CAGR during the forecast period. The increased proliferation of the web and the growing trend of mobile apps for sports, live events, and booking movies tickets online is predicted to impact growth.

Online Event Ticketing Market Size

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Customers, particularly in the Asia Pacific, have manifested a willingness to spend marginal Internet handling assessments to circumvent standing in long queues, which has undoubtedly shaped the market. Primary events covered under the scope of the event ticketing market include sports, movies, stand-up comedy shows, music concerts, dance, and opera shows.

China Online event Ticketing Market Share

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Growing viewership of sports has consequently increased online ticket sales for sporting events. Prominent sports events like FIFA World Cup,  National Football League (NFL), ICC Cricket World Cup, the Premier League (PL), and the Olympics Games have a massive fan following. You can use an effective event ticketing platform like Ticket Tailor that helps you manage everything efficiently.

What is a Ticket Tailor?

Ticket Tailor is a British event ticketing platform founded in 2010 by Jonny White. However, it’s an online event ticketing platform with no per-ticket fees. Instead, it is a monthly fee of $25 (or £15) / month. The easy-to-use platform helps you embed the box office in the website, and it works with PayPal and Stripe for making payments so users can quickly pay directly through the platform.

Ticket Tailor is a manageable yet effective event management platform meant for smaller businesses and event organizers. It allows frequent events that enable to scale the great players quickly. The growth of online commercial assistance highlights the significance of seeking a competent event ticketing solution that enables you to sell tickets online. The easy-to-use platform suited to the type and scale of event you are orchestrating, this is not a selection made lightly, and there are quite several options out there as this ecosystem increases rapidly.

Ticket Tailor Features: Look All of Them Right Here!

The world today seems to run on mobile apps. If it’s something that people interact with, then there is likely a modern app available for event ticket marketing. Well-designed event ticket platforms are eye-catching and make it easier for you to use them; however, poorly designed ones are frustrating and don’t make it easier for you to perform everything efficiently.

While some basics like functionality, usability, and layout help the user experience and the most complained issues with the app features, and to provide users with an improved experience, Ticket Tailor comes with impressive features, let’s have a quick look at them right here.

Instant Setup

You don’t need to go with a lengthy configuration with Ticket Tailor. Once you create your account, apply tweaks for your events, and everything works with no time wasted. 

Any Event Type

With intended to be friendly for smaller businesses and events, it can be managed scope or events type with ease, which means this isn’t a platform you risk outgrowing any time soon.

Multiple Events

Ticket Tailor facilitates users to manage multiple events and locations for each event without hassle, and the transactions and logistics are unified for metrics and records. 

Manage Orders

The ticket Tailor manager order feature helps you keep your records intelligible and standard.

Sales Summaries

It makes it easier for you to get full sales summaries and reports with the click of a button in easy-to-read, compliant layouts.


The Hybrid SaaS model works utterly similar to a mobile app, complete with the portal and check-in app for customer convenience, enabling platform users to buy tickets quicker.


Branding comes with modification of front ends and templating that anyone can easily use. 

Box Office Website

You are allowed to set up a box office check-in website complete with marketing and SEO technologies at your disposal for attendance projections and optimal visibility. 

Ticket Design

Ticket Tailor makes it easier for users to design branded and custom tickets. Customize for a professional and personal appeal.

Credit/ Debit and PayPal Payments

Accepting standard digital transactions through PayPal and Stripe, offering great convenience for customers, it’s quickly becoming a necessity just like other online bookings in general.

No Service Fees

Ticket Tailor doesn’t take an engraving of any proceeds under every circumstance.

Email Notifications 

An event organizer or publisher can send email notifications for ticket sales and booking to their targeted audiences. 

Multiple Languages and Currencies 

Ticket Tailor makes it easier for event organizers or publishers to host and market events internationally. The multilingual and currencies support makes it easier for event publishers to accept most standard currencies with no challenge whatsoever.

Discounts and Voucher Codes 

Infrastructure for vouchers and attendee discounts keeps your accounting and finances records unquestioned, clean, and tidy no matter what.

Attendee Management 

Print door lists offer check-in through smartphones and check-in on computers to authenticate the attendance of all sold tickets without any trouble or logistical problems.

Having many features in the event ticketing solution will likely push development costs significantly; therefore, it’s essential to understand those charges before perpetrating anything to code. 

You can even do this by practicing a  mobile solution cost calculator, which accurately measures the proposed elements and features to derive a likely cost for the solution development. Once after understanding more about the development cost, you can take support from a development firm like us. 

Ticket Tailor Revenue Model: Check How Platform Makes Money?

Ticket Tailor Pricing

Ticket Tailor provides mainly four plans for users, these include:

  • Small, 
  • Medium, 
  • Large, 
  • Custom.

The distinction is the number of ticket sales per event and the Small plan enabling the software’s branding to be the primary component of all apparent ticketing materials. At the same time, the software is compelling; it is somewhat costly. 

The price comes from the reduction of ticket fees and the improved customization and robust integrity provided that is not matched by many competitors. However, the price might be high for a few brands. 

Tops Alternatives of Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is a great and straightforward event ticket selling solution for all sizes and shapes of business solutions. Ticket Tailor makes it easier for you to host events, meetings, webinars, and much more. Professionals using Ticket Tailor can quickly review other tools such as CrankWheel, Livestorm, Zoom, and many more.

Technology Used to Develop Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is developed on AWS infrastructure. However, the company uses Sparkpost and EmailOctopus for their email. The intercom for the customer service such as Google Suite, Slack, Asana, and Notion for their fertility. The platform is used by more than 58 companies that practice Ticket Tailor. 

Brands Using Ticket Tailor

Most brands are using Ticket Tailor; they are often found in the United States as well as in the Entertainment sector. Ticket Tailor is used by most brands with around 1 to 10 employees and 1M to 10M dollars in revenue. 


The impact of COVID 19 can be experienced on the Ticket Tailor business. Due to COVID spread company has shifted its focus from growing their target to:

1. Ensuring their survival;

2. Providing support to event creators as much as the company can;

3. identifying and grabbing opportunities that the company requires to pivot.

There is much more than you can explore about Ticket Tailor or can choose to develop a platform similar to it. Get in touch with our dedicated support team if you’re looking for a platform similar to Ticket Tailor.

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