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These days, most of us are leaving at home due to COVID 19 outspread. People during a tough time love to stream on one on another video or audio streaming platform. Finder analysis shows that the majority of streaming apps and websites analyzed have been huge traffic during a couple of years. Streaming websites and apps experienced a 35% increase during February and March. meWatch has gained massive popularity among the users as well. Check how does works, what it offers you, and much right away.

According to Statista, revenue from digital album download is estimated to reach around 394.5 U.S. million dollars in 2019; the number is half the number which was recorded in 2016. Meanwhile, the streaming and subscription revenue is projected to increase annually; it has reached around 8.83 billion in 2019, making up the vast majority of revenues for the whole music industry.

Digital music revenue in United States

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During the May 2020 survey, around 62% of respondents concluded that they or any other member of their house might be subscribed to a streaming service. Compared to that, only 10% that they had previously subscribed to video or audio streaming service to enjoy it in their free time from anywhere and at any time.

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The prize for the most has increased steadily during the COVID 19 pandemic. The HBO Go Asia experienced an increase in visits of a whopping 94.4% during the time period from February to March 2020. MeWatch ranks second to the drastic rise; it has experienced a 49.64% jump, while Netflix stood third with 40%. Singtel also noticed a significant jump; the platform saw a 31% increase in page views, ensuring its fifth position in the market.

What is meWatch?

meWATCH owned by Medicorp, is a Singaporean video-on-demand service brand. It was founded and launched on 1 February 2013; initially, the service was launched as an OTT service and as a lifestyle and entertainment website under its original name Toggle. Later in April 2015, xinmsn closed down and merged with Toggle.

How Does Works: Explore Everything Right Here!

Now you might be thinking, which is the most popular platform overall among the customers? Finder’s analysis data reveals that Netflix is leading with the highest comparative search volume in Singapore, followed by Starhub, Singtel, and Besides this, Viu and Amazon Prime Video also saw massive traffic; they didn’t experience an increase in search volume, according to data.

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Not only that, but the report also shows that around 35% of Singaporeans agree that they are streaming TV to keep themselves occupied during the COVID 19 pandemic. Further, it is concluded that around 19% of Singaporeans spend more time streaming TV these days. If you are meWatch users, then this article is very beneficial for you; explore how works to offer you a fantastic video streaming experience.

Download the App or Browse on Website

If you want to use, then you can directly use its website or can download the app on your smartphone from Google Play or Apple app store. Once you complete the downloading process, you can explore the screen of the platform right away.

Sign in/ Create Account

If you register users, then you can directly go ahead with the login process. But if you are not a registered user on the platform, you can complete registration to create an account. Click on the create account option and enter all the details required, such as name, email id, password, etc. After completing the process, sign in to your account to leverage a variety of content of your choice.

Search for Content of Your Choice

You are allowed to search any of the content at your convenience. Just click on the search option available on the top side of the screen, text the name of the show to get the instant result hasslefree.

Explore Menu

You can explore the menu to explore different categories of the content on the platform; you are availed of numerous categories such as kids, LiveTV, Dramas, Comedies, Entertainment, Movies, News, etc. Tap on any of the categories to check every content available on the platform with a single tap on a particular category.

For example, if you want to watch live shows, click on live TV. Once you tap on Live TV, you can explore the list of live shows which are going on presently. You can explore any as per different dates of your choice.

For instance, if you want to enjoy the drama, then explore it right after one tap on the Drama option. also avail you with a wide variety for kids. You can tap on the Kids content category to entertain your kids with engaging and useful content which they love to watch.

Subscription Plan

You subscribe to any subscription plans as per your choice. Click on the view plan option to explore the subscription plan right away. The subscription plan for one month starts from $9.98, while a 3-month subscription starts from $ 25.90. You can choose any subscription plan right from the platform.

Help Center

If you have a doubt related to working with meWatch then you can get support from the meWatch help center. Click on the help center option to get help right away. Get your problems solved, check the answer about the subscription plan, etc directly from the platform.

About Us

Check every information about meWatch right on the platform. Click on the About Us option to have a quick look over the meWatch platform.

Download List

If you want to check your download list, then explore it right away with a simple tap on the download icon available on the topmost right corner of the platform,

Play Content

Enjoy the content on the platform right on the device you use. Click on any category to enjoy the content available on the platform.

Create WatchList

You can create a watchlist right from the platform. Choose content and click on the + watchlist option to create an engaging and attractive list of your choice to enjoy it as per your choice from anywhere and at any time.


Click on the logout option to successfully leave the platform. The hassle-free process of the platform makes it easier for users to enjoy any of the content right as per their convenience.

Summing It Up

meWATCH offers audiences video streaming and on-demand video content of programs right from Mediacorp’s archived library and original web series. Additionally, meWatch also enables live streaming of Mediacorp’s free-to-air channels. (to Singapore audience only).

The video streaming platform provides catch-up TV for viewers to watch shows which they have missed due to their busy schedule. meWatch users can also watch prime time TV shows from any previous days as per your choice. You can also create a platform similar to meWatch; contact us to build a platform at a pocket-friendly price.

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