How Does Eventbrite Work: Explore to Know Everything About the Event Management Platform

May 09, 2020

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Numerous events and concerts are taking place around the world, but some of the time, we are unaware of the events and concerts which are taking place next to our doorsteps. Then Eventbrite is the best source to grasp all the information related to the latest events and concepts occurring worldwide. This advanced event management platform has proven as a boon for event organizers as it lessens their efforts and spending to a great extent.

Using this feature-rich and impressive platform, event organizers can easily plan and promote the event. It provides organizers with the advance ticket selling process, this platform provides all in one solution for event organizers as well as viewers. Now event organizers keep all the track from a one-stop solution that is Eventbrite, they can keep track of each and everything starting from tickets selling to who has attended the event to what number of tickets guests have booked and how they paid for it. Everything is tracked systematically on the system, thus it becomes quite easy for the event organizer to have a quick glimpse of each and every report they want to know.

What is Eventbrite Exactly?

Eventbrite is one of the world’s largest event management platforms. It has been used by millions of event organizers in more than 170 countries, and territories, this advanced event management platform has gained huge popularity among the organizers and guests in a very short duration of time. 

The search engine optimization (SEO) team of Eventbrite started using structured data on their own website during 2015, this helps them to enhance their visibility. Besides this, it also helps them to discover more event creators in less time worldwide. This helps Eventbrite to prepare and participate in Google’s search experience, which was specially launched for events in May 2017.

How Does Eventbrite Generate Revenue?

After knowing how Eventbrite works, you might be eager to know how it generates revenue? How did it cost the event organizer to raise its profit ratio? And much more. Eventbrite does not cost a single penny to its users, this simply means this platform is freely available for the users, they need not have to pay any subscription or monthly fees. 

It takes all the charges from the organizer who uses this platform to sell the event tickets. When the organizer sells tickets using this platform, then the company charges around 2.5% to them, this charge is calculated as per the ticket value, additionally, it also charges $0.99 per ticket and around 3.5% for credit card processing.

It really does not matter how much Eventbrite charges per ticket, this platform offers its service at $9.95 per ticket. The caps and fees are later converted to U.S. dollars, so it simply does not matter in which country and what currency is accepted while selling tickets using this advanced platform. It provides mainly 3 options to the organizer for how they must charge the penny on ticket selling:

1. They can have their charges out from the flat ticket price.

2. They can split the fees with the purchase made.

3. The organizer adds those charges to the top of the ticket price.

No matter which option the event organizer chooses, they have to pay the same amount of money for ticket selling. The organizer is provided with a PayPal option, which they can use to collect money, in this case not collecting an additional 3% charge, but they will be charged with the Eventbrite Service Fee and PayPal’s payment processing fees.

What is Eventbrite Up to?

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Online ticketing service Eventbrite has revealed the details during 2013, in the report, it revealed that they saw around 60% increase in both ticket selling and revenue generated from the sales made. They have sold more than 58 million tickets, which helped them to generate around $960 million, which is comparatively high from 2012 as it was found around $600 million in the same year.

These sales were made just from 2.9 million events, which were held in 187 countries around the world. 2013 has even measured increases for the app downloads of Eventbrite’s app, it was found that more than 2.3 million users worldwide downloaded their app solution. 

This simply indicates that the company has increased its user base to a great extent as it had only 1.8 million downloads during 2012. Thus it is quite clear that Eventbrite has made around $112.4 million just during 2013 this number is estimated to grow high as more and more organizers and guests are opting for this advanced platform due to the convenience and flexibility it offers to them.

Explore to Know How Eventbrite Actually Work?

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Eventbrite is an advanced and independent platform that can be used by event organizers and seekers or guests for hosting and joining local or any other events. Eventbrite facilitates event organizers to create any event as per their choice and also helps them to sell a ticket for the same.

The organizer can invite a specific group of people, share the event among their family and friends, and much more through the engaging platform. While event seekers or guests can search for any of the events which they are willing to join, they can search for events by location, topic, payment base. Eventbrite works mainly on 3 major functions, explore to know which are they.

1. Create an event.

2. Host an event.

3. Join an event.

1. Create an Event.

When it comes to creating an event, then there are numerous questions which bust in organizer mind, this question includes the following:

  • What will the event be called?  
  • Where and when will the event be held?
  • Will tickets be paid for or its donation-based?  

You can get all your questions solved on Eventbrite’s event creation wizard. This advanced event management platform will provide all the answers and ease your journey when it comes to creating or organizing the event.

2. Host an Event.

Once after successfully creating the event, it’s time for performing a hosting task, you can perform all numerous things to ensure success for the event which you have organized. Promote your event on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or any other to create awareness among the guest in lesser time. 

Send email invites to the user, keep track of every detail to know who has paid for the event and who hasn’t. You can use the end number of tools that might help to track and manage your event and its attendees in the most effective way. Consider hosting the event through Eventbrite, this can help you to overcome all the hurdles which you might face during the hosting process.  

3. Join an Event.

More than 2 million events are hosted on the Eventbrite platform every year. Starting from concerts to conferences, from seminars to rallies, everything that can be handled can be created and hosted from a one-stop solution. 

Besides this, users can even browse for different types of events on the platform to join it as per their convenience. Users are allowed to search for events based on type and topic, they can even select the ticket and make a payment on the same platform to grasp the ticket for the particular event for which they are interested.

Summing It Up

Eventbrite can be considered as one of the best solutions, especially when it comes to creating and hosting an event. It is also very beneficial for the guests as it helps them to find the event as per their interest and make the payment for the same in no time. If you want to develop an event ticketing platform Alphanso tech can help you with Ticketing software development. Get in touch with us on to discuss.

If any of the event organizers want to organize a local event, then they can simply do that using this impressive all in one solution. It not only helps them to organize the event but also helps them to sell the tickets for the same event and drive the attention of more people towards the event.

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