How Does Amazon Prime Works to Generate Huge Revenue in the Market

Before the launch of video streaming, most people look for the latest DVD movies on the Amazon store as it provides users with the best quality products at affordable prices. Moreover, the rising popularity of video streaming platforms has changed the way entertainers leverage the entertainment-related content. Amazon has established its roots in the entertainment sector and has provided numerous benefits of streaming to its users.  This blog will help you figure out how does amazon prime actually works.

During the initial stage in 2005, Amazon offered users with video download and rental services just similar to iTunes. Later in 2011, it launched Amazon Prime in the U.S., this advance and the engaging streaming platform offers a wide range of content to explore to its users who opt for its subscription which ranges from US$99/year.

After bagging, success in the U.S. Amazon took Prime Video to the global level by introducing it in more than 200 countries worldwide, including India. It also makes a public announcement that it has invested its penny in original series programming to provide users with the best experience through the prime video platform.

What is Included Include: Explore to Know Everything About Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime is the premium subscription plan which offers users which many benefits and content to leverage as per their convenience. These subscription plans range from $99 per year or around $10.99 per month. There are various benefits which prime users can leverage after opting for a Prime subscription, this include:

  • Free Shipping for Amazon Prime members.
  • Instant video streaming platform access.
  • More than two million songs to enjoy on Amazon Music.
  • Numerous play stations and playlists to enjoy.
  • Original audio series.
  • Free unlimited photo storage.
  • Earlier access to leverage Amazon deals.

Amazon Prime subscribers are offered with free two-day shipping over more than 100 million eligible items. Even in some of the limited cities, it provides users with eligible orders. Non-prime customers are not offered with any such offers as Amazon doesn’t offer free standard shipping to them on qualifying orders. Even no prime users have to wait for a longer time for delivery compared to Amazon prime subscribers.

The company responded that it has more than 150 million Prime subscribers presently, and more and more people are stepping ahead and opting for Prime subscription in recent times. In 2018 it was having around 100 million that means more than 50 million joined the premium plan in just one year, this number is estimated to grow more as more number of people are ready to invest their penny on streaming plans as it provides them with more convenience and benefits.

Know Which Benefits are Extended by Amazon for its Prime Users

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Amazon is putting continuous efforts into offering users an enhanced experience, and it is offering great convenience to users subscribers are constantly increasing. It was found that around 112 million Amazon Prime subscribers in 2019, this number is quite higher than in 2018 as there were around 95 million during that period. On average, it is estimated that Amazon Prime subscribers are spending more than 1,400 U.S. dollars on the streaming platform per year.

Amazon Prime subscription includes services such as video and music streaming, as well as many more benefits. The program was launched by amazon for users in the U.S. in 2005 and has improved its service to a great extent till today, it is estimated that Amazon generated around 19.21 billion U.S. dollars revenues in 2019 just because of its subscription services segment. Subscription services have just no limit to Amazon Prime revenues, but it also includes an e-book, digital music, video, and many other services. Some of the extended prime benefits include the following:

  • Prime now.
  • Unlimited movie and T.V. streaming.
  • Unlimited reading.
  • One free borrowed ebook per month.
  • Unlimited music streaming.
  • Prime early and day access.
  • Stock up with prime pantry.
  • Amazon Elements.
  • Amazon Family.

SVOD Model: How it Prove to be Spin Condition for Streaming Platform

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SVODs are proving to be found in the rare case among Amazon Prime Video. Under these criteria, service is shared with revenue with its parent company that is Amazon. One more difference is the absence of subscription fees, which is charged for accessing numerous types of content on the streaming platform.

Amazon Prime Video counts are offered to subscribers at the cost of annual Prime subscribers of $119, users can opt for this prime subscription and can enjoy all the benefits this streaming platform offers to them. Besides having more than 100 million Prime members globally, Amazon’s video on demand (VOD) is leveraged by more than 40 million streaming audiences worldwide. This simply indicates that video streaming platforms possess the ability to double its prime members in no time.

Competition for Prime Video.

Just like any other streaming platform, Prime Video is facing stiff competition in the market, some of the competitors like Disney+,  Apple TV+, and much more are giving tough competition to the streaming platform to great extent. Presently Amazon allows ads for free by providing its premium feature to the organization with a vast media suite, this involves books, videos, and much more.

Amazon Prime: Know How Much Does it Cost to the Users

The cost of Amazon Prime subscription completely depends on the plan they opt for, they get a 30 days free trial. Explore the payment plans to know how much Amazon Prime cost to its users.

Prime Video: It costs around $8.99 per month, this membership simply restricts users to watch ultimate T.V. movies and shows streaming. This will cost subscribers around $108 per year.

Prime: This package costs around $12.99 per month to the subscribers, it provides them with full Prime benefits. They just have to spend around $155 a year to leverage most of the benefits.

Exclusive benefits are offered to some of the subscribers, even it provides special discounts to the students that also have all the prime benefits. But when they are leveraging their trial period, then they just can’t access all the content available on the streaming platform.

Prime Student: If you have a valid school email address, then you can easily leverage a free six-month trial which this streaming platform provides to their students as Prime Student, it has to pay around $59 as an annual subscription fee after that.

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Heads up: Amazon keeps all your details secure and safe once after you sign up yourself on the streaming platform. Thus make sure to deactivate your account whenever you want to cancel your subscription plan, else opt for a subscription plan by paying the subscription fee.

Amazon Prime Membership: Is it worth it?

There are mainly three ways to explore and leverage Amazon Prime membership, this includes:

  • Shipping.
  • Reading.
  • Streaming entertainment.

This provides great convenience to the subscribers to a great extent and provides them with engaging content that they can enjoy as per their taste wherever and whenever they want to enjoy the same. Keep in mind that if you want to leverage the whole streaming content, then you must definitely opt for a Prime subscription. Choose any of the subscription plans as per your need and leverage the content of your choice from any of the devices at your convenience.

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