How Business APIs can Growth Hack your Business

Small business and startup often stuck along the way. Do you know that there are many

Application Program Interface (APIs) are critical tools for businesses in all sectors. The need for APIs from a technical standpoint, they allow the capabilities so that two distinct application can communicate and make workflow smoother.

APIs enables businesses to develop and expand their business more quickly. Business APIs are driving next round of innovation centered on new sharing economy.


The major reason that APIs matter in business is it allow quicker functionality and features that you need in a website at a fraction of time & cost which it would take otherwise.

Examples of API Success

API allow startups and businesses to move into the markets that they have not considered in the past. Let’s say for example if you want a scheduling calendar on your website you can integrate Google calendar API. If you want a social sharing of your blog or website then you can integrate Add This Plugin API to integrate social media buttons.

Few APIs That can growth hack your Startups


PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

Start accepting payments right on your website. With PayPal API you can do many more things rather than just accepting payments. PayPal gives you options to integrate Express checkout, PayPal Payments, Custom Invoice, In-store, Marketplace, Invoicing, Payouts etc. It also gives the options to choose a wide range of payment solutions and choose the best which suits your need.


Twitter API Integration

Twitter is a great social media platform to engage with your customers and business associates. With the rising trends of the social networking platforms more and more businesses are turning to social media platforms. Twitter brings you closer. Learn how to create a Twitter app and start accessing data from users, tweets, and timelines. You can create a Twitter app and start accessing the data from the users, tweets, and timelines. Once you are able to read the data, the code can be written to send Tweets via API.



Do you want interactive content on your website? Then YouTube API gives you the capability to directly include video in your app or website. You can also customize the playback experience with the YouTube API. Let user perform the search, upload videos and manage playlist right on your website. There are many other things that you can perform with the YouTube APIs is Analytics and reporting, Subscribe buttons, Live streaming etc.


Google Plus API Integration

Google plus is a great social media platform to promote your startup and small business. You can use API to integrate your mobile app, website or eCommerce store. Though Google has API call Quotas that means you have limited number to API call per day or month. Again, I depend on the requirement. Most of the Google+ API follows a RESTful API design that means you can use standard HTTP methods to retrieve and manipulate resources.


FedEx API IntegrationOften businesses have requirement of shipping functionality right on their website or eCommerce site. With FedEx API you can automate the process of creating shipping labels, estimating transit time, shipment tracking etc. This offers customer better experience and they are likely to come back. Contact us today if you want to integrate FedEx API.


UPS API Integration

UPS offers API services to include shipping capabilities to your website or mobile app. The Shipping API of UPS allows you to integrate UPS shipping functionality without any hassle. Your customers will enjoy the depth of UPS services and capabilities while your business becomes more streamlined and efficient. It also allows you to customize API to meet the business needs.  The Shipping API can streamline your shipping without an addition of expensive hardware or software application.


OpenID API Integration

The specification page list that currently OpenID specification are in the midst of the features in which we can have the final specifications. OpenID connect core defines the functionality: authentication build on top of OAhth 2.0 and the use of claims to communicate information about OpenID providers.

Closing In

I hope you have got the understanding of the various APIs that you can integrate with your website and mobile app. This article might have active information to supply you with a notion of the significant role played by APIs. As this word is quickly becoming dominated by successful cloud services like Amazon, Google etc. that supply efficient means for project management and storage options. In fact, I’ve hardly scratched the surface on the niche.

We differentiate ourselves from traditional software development company by focusing on niche API Integration Services. This approach helps us in creating a specialized tech which can you execute your project.

Do you need API Integration for your business? Contact us today. We are one of the best API Integration Services company. 

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