How to Grow Your Brand With Social Media ?

You may have taken NYR (New Year Resolution) for your business to keep it growing. But have you reviewed the roadmap to make sure it is working or if you need to make any changes to make sure you get the desired result by the year-end?

Irrespective of the business you are in, social media marketing along with online marketing is likely a large maze. While basic principles of the marketing are remaining the same entrepreneurs and small business owners must pay attention to growing influence of social media and try to strengthen the brand.

Here are few ways social media can help you strengthen your brand.


Storytelling through content (image, video or writing) is an art. You have to master the art of content marketing if you want to win the game on social media. The user on social media should be able to engage with the content that you are sharing. It can be Visual Infographic, Blog Post, Video Tutorial, Product information, How To etc.

Social Media Brand Persona

Startups and small business should create social media brand personal. Each and every social media account has consistency.

People love consistency. If your customer experience uniformity in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. then your customer will form a positive association with a brand.

As a First Step Start with having a professional profile picture or brand image across different social media networks.

Here are the four aspects that you should look into for social media brand voice compiled by Stephanie Schwab.


Once you understand this social media experience on conversations will flow naturally and your customers will be delighted.

Personalize Communication

Every one loves personal and humanizes communication. Try to respond each message personally so that your visitor felled compassionate. Social media network users crave for authenticity, you need to show your human side. You can’t just simply put out content in hope for making an impact.

Social Media is not a one-way street. You should always get feedback or ask for their quick opinion on a post or update.

Content marketing

LinkedIn has a certain native functionality which quite different from Twitter and Facebook. You can share same content or post on the different social media network but each audience indifferent in terms of interacting with that content.

Here a Social Media Cheat Sheet by Likeable Media that shows pros and cons of different Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Social Media cheat Sheet

Take Help from Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer has a huge reach. If you can piggyback on already well establish social media pros, it can save time & energy. So reach out, like and reply to posts from industry stalwarts who have huge reach and make sure to show some gratitude if they share, comment or like your post.

Create Engaging Content

In 2018 creating an engaging content (Text, Visuals or Video) is very important.  To establish your startup or small business, you should focus on creating a content which solves the problem of your customer or the pinpoint of the customer.

When you create a content marketing plan ask yourself a question? “Do my potential customer will benefit from this post”, “Is this content unique, thoughtful and impactful?” “Will my followers engage with this content”. These are the questions you’d ideally ask your content creation team.

Summing It Up

It is really important for Startups and Entrepreneurs to build a lasting brand in the age of social media.

You can use points discussed in this post and implement it in your business and see how this works out for you.

Do send me the comment and feedback on what works for your business.

I hope you will find this blog post very useful regarding Top 10 Startup Advice for Starting an Online Business Successfully.

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