Global Streamers Keynote Series With Pluto TV’s Vice President and General Manager

Oliver Jollet, senior Vice President and General Manager at Pluto TV International, was a guest at the global streamers keynote series. The lines between linear and digital are getting blurred with a single day, global entertainment giants’ content roll-out strategies in a series of fast-paced interviews. The interview will give a quick glimpse at the plus point at how the streaming giant operates to grab success.

The place is crowded when it comes to streamers; the first one can be defined as a pretty catchy aquarium, that is fast, as in free, supporting streaming television, Pluto TV which has changed the old cable model and provided viewers with access to the content they loved to enjoy on television the most. 

Pluto TV is wide, which is part of the ViacomCBS network. The streaming platform offers free service in 25 countries, including Germany, Spain, and even the UK, and more than 52 million active users have access to a wide range of content of their choice. 

Olivier Jollet, when he launched the platform Pluto TV as a teenager, he worked to expand mobile business units VCNI’s streaming. Jollet has made linear television available online on the internet, and now a few years later, Olivier is defining new trends and television as a service or SaaS TV. 

Tapping into groundbreaking technologies including IoT and 5G to strengthen the continued expansion of the company’s streaming services, Pluto TV, as well as Paramount +. 

Pluto TV was launched in 2014; when the company launched the streaming platform, the entire industry thought that the future of TV was SVOD only. “Users who love to watch streaming content can’t tolerate any advertising and would pay a subscription to enjoy ad-free content. And obviously, there was a future as a liner; the vision of Pluto TV was based on free contracting principles. And those principals are still accurate today”, says Jollet. 

The Vice President and General Manager of Pluto TV further added that “the principle is, 

  • We are free in the age of subscription
  • We’re ads supported, in the age of not ads supported model
  • and we are liner

and they found that there was a space for well-designed linear channels at the time when the usage was shifting to the internet. They believed that there was a way of founding for recreating a linear television for streaming audiences, and for the streaming landscape, we believe that there was a future for their concept. “

Many in the past were thinking that there was no future for free streaming in the future, but looking at the success of Pluto TV, it can be said that, however, there are lots of streaming services that are copying the business model of the free television streaming service.

Olivier Jollet said, their concept was a game-changer for the entire industry, and there is really a linear experience in the streaming world. When he was asked what SaaS Television meant. Answering the question, the president said that Pluto TV is not something different, it’s a TV, a new TV that helps them deliver an outstanding experience to the viewers. 

“The beauty is being digital, innovation does not mean creating something new but taking things and adding some twist to something that is working for years to meet the growing demand of the digital audience, and that is what Pluto TV has done,” concluded Jollet. 

Pluto TV looks like TV, but the experience is different; the channels you will enjoy are different; they are unique and exclusive to viewers. The streaming content is scripted, movies and series available on Pluto TV help the platform become a part of the new digital landscape. 

We have documentaries, lifestyle, sports, news, and we are trying to tackle all kinds of roads and offer 24*7 best experience to an audience who are more likely to experience traditional experience and also by a key streamer. 

When asked by the host of Global Streamers Keynote Series, “whether the television is dead?” Then Olivier answered that “he doesn’t think so as the television has a bright future yet. The audience who is using Pluto TV is slightly younger; the experience offered by the platform is different. Many choose to watch live shows, sports, and much more on television. Pluto TV is complementary to TV, and as the moral is different in the digital space, we are trying to offer the best experience to the audience.” 

Pluto TV has entered into a partnership with BBC studio to launch something big, “Doctor Who,” which is very popular among the viewers. There are more and more big channels that will be part of Pluto TV as the streaming platform is not about the old content; it also focuses on offering premium content. The company is always looking forward to offering something exclusive and unique to the audience from big franchises. 

It becomes very crucial for Pluto TV to have a look over the flavor in different territories. Hence the streaming platforms have more than 800+ channels across the world; it has more than 100 channels in the UK and Germany, 70+ in France; the interesting thing is most are not common for the audience as the streaming platform is always looking to provide the best to the local audience. 

The platform is not only focusing on international content but also on local content, which is very important for the audience. The primary focus on us is to launch the right channel on the right market dedicated to a local audience and aims for a premium-free experience. Pluto will reach 1 Million in revenue this really massive year.

Pluto TV focuses on free, linear, and unique content offering, which is essential and makes the platform stand out and achieve success in today’s competition, where there are many video streaming giants offering SVOD and AVoD content to users on their demand. 

Pluto TV has launched in France, looking to launch in Italy and other countries; the company is working towards attracting more broadcasters, many broadcasters are welcomed to the platform as it is an open platform; however the more broadcasters bring their content to the platform, it provides the chance to cover the bigger market. Everyone is going to benefit from it, especially the content owner. 

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