Facebook Clone Features

Multiple Languages

A Facebook clone comes with multiple language support, making it easier for you to add a new language to provide a better experience.


Users are facilitated to explore different search suggestions using a search bar; they can search for friends, businesses, and many more.


Check your professional list connected on the Pro network. App similar to Facebook shows invitations and a list of people you can easily connect with.

Manage Invitations

The Facebook clone facilitates you to manage invitations; you can search the connection list using the connections section available.


The job section helps you find the job listing by employers; you can find it as per your matching skills, experience, education, job preferences, etc.


Facebook clone script provides you notifications like Likes, comments, share requests, and friend requests. You can even mark it as read or unread.

Advanced Features

Set Visibility

Users are allowed to set visibility of eliminating others to view their posts, images, or other content shared. They can even choose to show the content only to a connected person.

Remove or Share

Users are facilitated to delete any of their posts from the platform; they can even like, add or delete comments. Users can even share others' posts with their friends, family, etc. 

Recent Friend List

Users can check their recent friend's list on the right side of the panels. They can even check their friend's profiles to know everything about them. 

Connection Section

Users are allowed to check connected people's networks through the connection section. They can even check who has recently viewed their profile. 

Invite or Connect with People

Facebook clone users are facilitated to invite or connect with people on the pro-network; they can even contact others who haven't joined you on Pro-network. 

Add/ Delete Article

Users can write and publish articles. And once the article is published, users can easily manage, edit, or delete the article as per their choice. 

Quick Login Process

Users can easily login to Facebook clones using their login credentials; they can enter their email and password to use the app speedily.

Manage Profile

Platform similar to Facebook makes it easier for users to manage profiles; they can manage different information like name, contact details, etc.


Users can easily publish stories in the form of images, videos, and much more. Other users are facilitated to view the stories for only 24 hours.

Find Friends

Users can easily search for friends to build their network; they can choose to remove any friend from the suggestion or send the request. 

View Article List

The easy-to-use solution helps brands check other articles as well as check and manage their own list easily and speedily as per their convenience. 

Manage Skills & Endorsements

The feature-rich facebook clone makes it easier for users to manage their skills and endorsements without hassle from anywhere and at any place. 


Emojis and Stickers

Admin can add immense numbers of emojis and stickers for users' use; it helps them provide users with a great way to represent their feelings.


Menu Settings

Facebook clone scripts facilitate users to manage and set terms & conditions and privacy & policy details and choose to set them in the header or footer menu. 

Site Settings

Admin is facilitated to make various settings, including Site Favicon, Title, Logo, etc. They even manage copyright text and social settings like Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Contact Us Page

Feature-rich admin panel helps admin manage their content very easily; they can manage content like location, address, phone, emails, etc. 


Admin can manage every detail of the contact us page right from the easy-to-use admin panel; they can even change the page's status by switching "active" or "reactive."

Industry List

Admin panel makes it quite easier for admin to create and manage industry lists along with the right to edit or delete any list as per their convenience. 

Facebook Clone App


Facebook Clone Web

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Facebook Clone FAQs

Can I Claim complete ownership of Facebook Clone After Purchase?

Yes, Melodify is our IP. Once you purchase the license, you can claim complete ownership of the mobile app and website.

Is your sourcecode encrypted?

Yes, Sourcecode of the mobile app and website is encrypted.

Do Alphanso Tech provide technical support after purchase?

Yes, We do provide three months of free technical support.

Can I customize Facebook Clone script ?

Yes, We can customize Facebook clone script as per your requirement.

I have a question regarding this script.Where do I ask?

Please drop us an email on info@alphansotech.com. We will get back to you in 12 working hours.

How do I install this script and App?

Alphanso Tech Offers complementary services for script installation and app publishing.

How Can I get Admin demo for Facebook Clone?

Clients can submit the request for the admin demo on info@alphansotech.com. Our team will get back to you with more details.

Is this one time payment only for this script?

Yes, it will be one-time payment only for Spotify clone script. Customization will be charged on an hourly basis.

Do Alphanso Tech helps in Customization?

Yes, we will help you with product customization. Please reach out to us on info@alphansotech.com with more details.

What is your refund policy?

Please review our refund policy here.

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