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Disney+ is the ad-free streaming service that all the Disney fans can leverage as per their need. It provides its streaming service in numerous countries, including the U.S. and U.K. It was launched in November 2019, and costs around $6.99/month or $69.99/year, users can opt for a subscription plan after leveraging a seven-day free trial.

Disney+ addresses the on-demand needs of the Disney lovers just like other streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but Disney+ has little difference, it’s an exclusive collection that includes shows and movies are availed to views from the studio such as Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and many more.

Disney+ provides users with original programming exclusive to Disney+, its exclusive content made the streaming service to join the rank and give a tough competition to other streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and the many other services which are jostling for control of the T.V. Disney+ provides users with T.V. and movie content from well known and popular names Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television.

Explore to how does Disney+ make money, which shows and movies platform users can leverage, how it makes money, which regions it covers, what is the future of Disney+, and much more. We have listed everything to give you a quick glimpse of the video streaming service platform.

What is Disney+ Actually?

Disney+ also termed or pronounced as Disney Plus. It is a subscription on-demand video streaming service operated by the Direct-to-Consumer & International (DTCI) subsidiary. The service mainly provides its users with excellent content produced by Walt Disney Television and The Walt Disney Studios.

Disney+ also advertises content from Disney’s Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, Marvel, and many other brands in particular. Its users can explore original television series which are distributed on Disney+, this on-demand streaming platform mainly focuses on family-oriented entertainment and only features films that do not have any R-rate and TV-MA shows.

Disney+ was successfully launched on 12 November 2019, in Canada, the Netherlands, the United States, and many other countries like Australia, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand, a week later. Disney+ after bagging success started expanding its service in the European countries on 24, March 2020.

Now Disney+ streaming service is also available in India, it is availed to users through Disney’s Hotstar streaming service, which was popularly known as Disney+ Hotstar. Disney+ service grasped positive reception upon its launch in each and every country, more than ten million users subscribed to Disney+ after its launch. As of 4 May 2020, the streaming service has more than 54.5 million subscribers. (Source

Why Should Users Opt for Disney+ Services?

Disney+ can be considered as one of the best and perfect services for almost all Disney fans. No matter whether the fan is animation aficionados or Marvel geeks, this on-demand streaming platform satisfies all the needs of the fans by providing them with engaging content of their choice. This platform can be considered as a perfect match for almost all the viewers who aim to immerse themselves within the vast world of Disney.

Disney+ OTT Platform | Disney+services

If you are the one who is always fond of Disney shows and movies to leverage on another streaming service, then you can consider opting for Disney+ subscription plan because it holds all the content which you might be searching on any other platform. You can leverage a wide range of content under one roof and can leverage the same as per your convenience on any of the devices of your choice.

Disney +ott platform

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The above graph shows the likelihood of subscribing to Disney+ among adults in the U.S. as of February 2019. The data clearly shows that only 9% of the surveyed U.S. responded that they would love to sign up on Disney+ while more than 39% respondent that they do not prefer to subscribe to the streaming service during its launch in 2019. 

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost?

Disney+ costs its users around $6.99 per month in the U.S., while £5.99 a month in the U.K., whereas its yearly subscription costs, is around $69.99/£59.99. Disney bundles its subscription services on various platforms, this platform includes Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+, and its service cost differs on all the streaming service platforms. Hulu cost around $5.99 a month, while ESPN+ costs around $4.99 a month. 

The service cost differs as per the counties, in Canada, the streaming service cost around $8.99 (Canadian) per month or around $89.99 per year, while in Central Europe, it cost around €6.99 per month or around €69.99 per year, some of the countries like Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany are included in this list.

How Much Revenue Does Disney Generate?

The Walt Disney Company announced that it generated around 69.57 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, which is quite high, it has increased by 10 billion U.S. dollars than the previous year’s measurement. It was also revealed that the company had generated around 24.83 billion U.S. dollars by its media networks segment, while around 26.23 billion U.S. dollars was generated from the resorts and park segment. 

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During the measured quarter, it was found that The Walt Disney Company generated around 18.01 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. It’s first two fiscal quarters of 2020 were strong enough when it comes to generating revenue, which shows the success of its new streaming service, Disney Plus (popularly known as Disney+.

Moreover, COVID 19 pandemic has affected studio entertainment results and merchandise licensing to a great extent, and it is estimated that this year Disney’s revenue can’t reach much higher.

The Walt Disney Company generated around 40% of its revenue just through media networks such as Disney channels, Hulu, ESPN, and ABC Television Networks, among others. This revenue stream made the company earn around 23.69 billion U.S. dollars, which was quite high from 20.36 billion, which was measured in 2013. 

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Parks and the resorts segment was the second-largest source to generate revenue, it helped the company to generate around 16.97 billion U.S. dollars.  The above graph showed the global revenue data of the Walt Disney Company in 2019, this fiscal year data has been broken down by operating segments.

In the data, it was found that the Walt Disney Company generated around 26.7 billion U.S. dollars. The company’s biggest segment was media networks that it owns, it helps them to generate around 24.8 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2019.

This shows a significant increase as the revenue was measured at 16.21 billion U.S. dollars in the same segment in 2009. While the asset which the Walt Disney Company possesses amounted around 98.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 alone.

What is Featured on Disney+ Platform?

Disney+ Provides its users with numerous shows and movies in up to 4K HDR (that is Dolby Vision) and up to Dolby Atmos audio. It allows support for 4 connection streams and provides users with the ability to set-up their as well as their family members’ profiles.

Disney+ provides them with parental controls that help in restricting content depending on age, just like other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. It also provides users with offline viewing ability; users who opt for a subscription plan can easily download the content on their preferred device and can leverage it later as per their convenience.

Ending Note

The interface Disney+ reminds users of the mixture of Netflix and Apple T.V. Users can see the preview screen on the top of the T.V. app, while there are several rows and rectangle content icons at the bottom of it. The first row provides users with all Disney’s brand content, such as Marvel, Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, and many more.

Subsequent rows provide recommended content to the users, they can explore the content of their choice, it provides them with new movies, genres, T.V. series, and much more. Moreover, the way Disney+ algorithm works to provide users with fresh and engaging content is really noticeable, and it is what made the streaming service much popular among the users.

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