How does Eventbrite work? Everything You need to Know About Eventbrite and How it Works

Eventbrite is largest and most successful online ticketing platform. If you are planning to start a business in event management system it is great to understand the business model of the online ticketing platform like Eventbrite. In order to get the more understanding of the Eventbrite business model let’s take a look at some stats.

In Last Five Years, Eventbrite Has acquired the total 7 companies including Ticketfly, nvite and Ticketscript. Please see the list below.

Eventbrite Acquisition

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Eventbrite has so far raised more than $300 Millon with $134 M being raised last year in Series G Funding. Please review the below image to get detailed funding details.

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Words Leading ticketing platforms like Eventbrite and ticket master has grown exponentially in last few years. Eventbrite alone processed $8B in gross ticket sales in last 10 years. Many organizers across the world use Eventbrite to boost ticket sales, promote, manager events, and analyze results across multiple channels like web & mobile.

Let’s see what is the revenue source of the Ticket Management system developed by Eventbrite?

Eventbrite only makes money when a user books the ticket on the platform. It gives the option to event create to pass on the Eventbrite platform fee to the user or absorb the fees himself. Please check the below screenshot.

eventbrite feeEventbrite Fees

When a ticket is sold in Eventbrite is has thee packages. Essentials Package, Professional Package and Premium Package.

Let’s take a look at how Eventbrite charges the fee in Essentials Package.

In the Essentials package, it charges 1% of the ticket prices plus 99 cents per paid ticket. Let’s say if you have $10 ticket prices then the charges would be $1.09 per paid ticket.

For the Professional package, it charges 2.5% of the ticket price plus $1.99 per paid ticket. Let’s say if you have $10 ticket price in a professional package then the charges would be $2.24 per paid ticket booked.

If you use PayPal or Authorize.Net to collect the payment then their charges will be added on top of the above-mentioned fees.

Eventbrite Business Model

Customer Segments

Eventbrite basically works with event organizers and small businesses who want to organize an event. Globally there is a $200 Billion ticket market that is untapped and there is a huge room for growth for many players. Ticketmaster is another big player in this industry and they generally target large live entertainment and sporting event around the world.

Business Events

Marketing your Startup or Small business is quite a painful task for the SMBs. It’s not just about emailing the invite to your clients and business partners and expecting them to ensure that they show up on the event day. This is especially true if you are just organizing a free event, as without financial commitment people may not give enough attention to other things.

Eventbrite Business Model CanvasValue Proposition

Eventbrite – The largest online ticketing software offers to create & manage events on the one platform.  It offers the creation of multiple types of the ticket like a free ticket, early bird ticket, regular ticket, premium ticket etc.  Eventbrite also has features to create the same event multiple times for e.g. weekly events, monthly events bi-monthly events etc.

Customer Relationship Management

Eventbrite gives great customer support. They offer phone, chat or online support for their customers and event organizers.

Why People user Eventbrite?

It’s much better than manually create and manage invitation, reminders and attendee’s detail, payment, CRM, ticket types like a free event, paid event etc., social sharing, promotion etc. I try and create this on different platforms you are likely to burden with much work and still not manage it efficiently.

Our Eventbrite Clone script functions similarly. You can start your own ticket management business with this Eventbrite script.

Seamless Social Media Integration

Eventbrite offers seamless social media integration with different platforms like Facebook. Facebook events can be integrated easily with the Eventbrite and vice versa. Your Followers on facebook can see the events and book it through facebook. They can also see how many of their friends are going to the event.

Summing It Up

Eventbrite is a great platform to set up an event and sells tickets online. If you want to start a business with event management platform we can help you with it.

Our Eventbrite clone and Ticketmaster clone has similar features to the Eventbrite. You can quickly set up a website and an app and get started your business.  Our PHP Event management software works similar to Eventbrite and other online ticket management script.

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