Event Ticketing Platform – EventZ: How its Profiting Event Organizer

Planning an event is a mammoth task; the organizer needs to finalize the venue, create an agenda, get sponsors on board, sort seating & meal arrangements, etc. All this begins even before they start selling tickets to earn revenue and profit at the same time.

Event management software makes the event organizing process hassle-free and more useful than ever before. Many event ticketing platforms such as EventZ are profiting event organizers to a great extent. Explore the article to know how event organizers or planners can earn extra bucks by organizing events through the Best Event ticketing platform in the market.

EventZ: Learn Step by Step Guide to Organize Event & Make Profit

Being event optimistic is a good thing; in fact, more than 67% of millennials, while 66% of Gen Zers are event optimistic. In the survey, more than 35% of candidates agreed that event technology or platform is a gamechanger. Being event optimistic is one thing, but when it comes to organizing the event, then it’s an entirely new thing. There are various facts that event organizers need to consider while planning events or selling tickets.

When it comes to event planning and ticket selling, the event organizer needs to make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Event ticketing software helps you to be safer than being sorry for any undesirable situation. There are dozens of event planning software available in the market; hence it comes to essential for you to make a smart choice.

Every event planner knows well that pulling off a successful event is time-consuming and demanding. Event coordination consistently ranks as one of the most stressful jobs. No matter whether you are a newbie or a pro, using the tools at your disposal to streamline the event management process is undoubtedly a no-brainer.

Budgeting is one of the crucial factors of event planning. The event organizer has to look after various things when it comes to organizing the event. Check step by step guide to organize and manage the event with the EventZ platform.

Step 1: Registration & Login

If you are new to EventZ, it becomes essential for you to register yourself with the event ticketing platform. You need to enter all details such as enter email, first name, last name, password, and confirm password. After filling up all information, just click on the “Submit” button.

Once you finish up with the registration process, you can log in to the platform. Enter an email address and password which you used to register yourself with the platform

You are also allowed to reset your password if you forget or lose it. Click on the “Forgot password” option to reset the password, enter the email address with which you have registered, and click on the “Reset Password” option.

Step 2: Create Events

Once you complete the registration and login process, you can create an event by filling up all the details such as event titles, event type, event location, and other information about the event.

Step 3: Set Date & Time

After filling up all the event details, it’s time to set a map to navigate the audience accurately. Also, set a date and time for an event that you want to create. It makes it easier for viewers to know when and where the event has been held.

Step 4: Enter Image and Description

Once completing the work with date and time setting, it’s time to enter images and descriptions related to the event. It gives a quick glimpse of the event to the viewers who want to book the event. You can enter an image associated with the event and also a description related to the event to make every user know about the event.

Step 5: Address & Categories

Add essential details related to the event, like the address where the event will be organized. Select refund policy, event status, event category, etc., to provide users with each minor and major detail related to the event.

Step 6: Create Ticket

Once after entering all the details, it’s time to create a ticket. You can choose whether you want to offer an event ticket for free of cost to want to make it paid one?. Also, make sure to make all essential settings related to an event that you’re going to organize. Once after filling up all the details successfully and creating a ticket, tap on the “publish” option to publish the event of your choice on the EventZ platform.

Step 7: Modify/Delete Events

An event planner is also allowed to make essential changes to the event they have created; they can modify the event details as per their choice. They are also entitled to delete any of the created events without hassle; the platform makes it easier for an event planner to manage and handle events from a one-stop solution.

Summing It Up

Online event ticketing solution is quite simple that enables you to sell the event tickets online. EventZ is an incredible and useful platform that allows event planners to sell tickets that streamline the process. It offers various facilities and features to an event planner, its one-stop solution for event organizers making it easier for them to handle and manage multiple things such as:

  • Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Seamless Event Check-In

Event ticketing platform offers various benefits to event planner, including:

  • Attendance numbers
  • Resource planning
  • Future sales
  • Crowd Management
  • Communication
  • Refunds
  • Customer experience

Choosing the EventZ platform as an event ticketing system is the best option to choose. The event ticketing system is the most suitable option that works best for you; it makes it easier for you to handle ticketing selling and other event-related issues efficiently.

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