Don’t Make This Silly Mistake With Your IBeacon App Development

iBeacon App Enhancement Services & Solutions

We also offer enterprise-grade iBeacon app development services for small, medium, and large organizations around the planet. We give you the ability to deliver personalized in-store shopping experience together with contextual and purposeful advertisement alarms received through the iBeacon app. With extensive knowledge relating to it, BLE powered technology, and futuristic mindset delivers scalable and custom iBeacon application development services at competitive pricing.

What’s the iBeacon / BLE device?

Beacon is just a piece of blue tooth hardware whose size could be varied based on range & battery capacity; however, it usually likes small cheese block. iBeacon (BLE apparatus ) transmits a low-energy Proof with blue tooth 5.0 protocol. It has a range of sending signs Effectively around 50 meters. Smartphones / Smart OS and Beacons may be your very best example of dual technology united in providing exceptional BLE (blue tooth Low Energy) or iBeacon App solutions. IBeacon based mobile application could obtain this low energy signal and activates actions accordingly.

How can BLE technology work?

BLE came to life is focused on low power consumption, which plays a leading role in radio communication technologies (IoT) creations utilizing blue tooth 5.0 protocol. By way of example, if you have iBeacon App into your cell phone and you also hooked iBeacon device (hardware) with anyone of your essential belongings (Luggage ), you could get a notification as soon as your tote goes out of range that’s given from the iBeacon application. You also can get the information regarding the variety of your cell phones.

White-label iBeacon Solutions we offer

We supply off-the-shelf tailor-made iBeacon solutions for our customers internationally. We’ve developed our plug and play iBeacon SDK. Call our SDK methods and also make all of your solution smart using iBeacon Technology.

We’ve developed our iBeacon SDK. It enables small business apps to integrate iBeacon in with their existing gaps. Your Proximity Marketing, indoor Location could be brighter using the plug and play iBeacon SDK Choice.

Smart Museum Management

Expertise in iBeacon app development has directed us to offer custom white-label Smart Museum Management solutions to our customers in the exhibition/ art market. Features including video/ audio guide, picture gallery, picture gallery explaining history in regards to the art, testimonials enhance overall seeing experience.

iBeacon based Healthcare

We offer excellent iBeacon app development solutions in the healthcare space, leveraging BLE/ iBeacon technology. Health monitoring Wearable apps can be ready with iBeacon technology that delivers contextual information for patients.

Bags / Asset Tracking Solutions

Get alarms once the luggage is out of this range fixed by the user. This location-based solution can be a blessing at Airports or while traveling.

BLE Based Pet Trackers

Tracking your furry friend was never easy before. We’ve our GPS Beacon apparatus of multiple designs that could squeeze into pet collars. Leveraging iBeacon application enhancement, you may receive alarms and precise directions to track when pets move out of this predefined vicinity.

iBeacon apps for Retail

We assistance for a maintenance-free iBeacon infrastructure together with proximity marketing services.

  • Integration for Temperature Tracking System
  • Integration For Location & Proximity Solutions
  • Integration for Heartrate & Healthcare Profiles
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