Do We Really Need Meta Keywords? Yes or No?

What are these meta keywords?

Meta keywords refers to the meta tag in which we can use the html code in our websites. This is used to provide more information to search engine regarding what is this page all about? And you will get good rank in search engine due to these keywords. One example of this is as under :

<meta name=”keywords” content=”HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, JavaScript”>

Do We Really Need Meta Keywords Now?

Anyone can understand that if whatever keywords you write in your meta tag and your page will rank in seo. It may happen that the content of your page is not relevant with the meta tag keywords. This was a problem in seo and websites where flooded with irrelevant information.

That is the reason why google announced in 2009 that it will not give any attention to meta keywords. Even yahoo also has stopped paying attention to meta keywords. And bing gives you penalty if you caught spamming with meta keywords.

Should I Still Use Meta Keywords?

Still there are so many developers say that we should still use meta keywords. Do you think that there is any usability of meta keywords? Although people who want to do spamming they may use meta keywords. But a good seo do not have a single reason to use it. Why we should make our content more complex? We must not and therefore we should not use meta keywords.

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