Difference between UI and UX Website Design: A Layman’s Guide

Website design is very important if you want to generate serious business from it. You need right website design company by your side who understands everything that it takes to design a website. Quite a few companies that claim to specialize in UI/UX design. In this post, I will be covering the basics of Website Design, UI, UX and why it matters for your website to have the website design with it.


Good UX and Bad UXWebsite Design

A simple website design includes conceptualization, wireframes, prototype, content writing, typography, icon design, infographics, visual elements etc.

A website and graphic designer may have basic knowledge of it along with HTML/CSS and Javascript coding but to apply it successfully on your website needs professional help.  The purpose of te website design is to enhance the website visitor’s experience to encourage them to take some action i.e. subscribe for email, a client of CTA (Call to Action) button, click on Contact Us button. Purchase a product etc.

User Interface (UI) User Interface means that Text, button and their pixels, a color that appears on the screen. So UI design would include everything about web design or web application that appears on the front end that would include attractive visuals as well as the overall framework of the web page (where to put Call to Action (CTA) button, Where to put ‘Sign In’ Form) etc.

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

User Experience is a much broader term in comparison to UI, the reason being it includes front end interface, but the overall experience that website or web application user has. For example, UX design should take into the account on how the user will react to particular Call to Action (CTA) button on the web page, how pixel of a particular button on the screen appears.

Basically, you can say that User experience design is a human-first way of designing a product whether it is website design, graphic design or mobile app design. Irrespective of the medium, UX design includes all interaction between a potential customer and your enterprise.  As an approach UX can be applied to any form of design.

Here is a step for UX Design:

  • Product Strategy
  • Customer Analysis
  • WireFraming
  • Prototyping
  • Content Development
  • Testing
  • Analysis and Iteration

So in the UX design designers, developers, marketers, project managers everybody is involved at some point or the other. It also takes many iterations to come to a UX design that converts your website visitors to paying customers.

UX and UI: Works Together

Working on a website design project UX designer is a creative director of the overall experience. User Interface is a subset of the User Experience if we talk in a broad term. So when we talk about User Experience, User Interface is an integral part of it. In an Agile Development environment, UX designer and UI designer work together as a team to develop a website design that has a high conversion.


Ultimately both UI and UX are important components when it comes to awesome website design and we can’t do without each other. As an affordable web development company, we have worked on many projects. In our experience, UX is all about making things useful for the website visitor while UI is about making things look beautiful.

I hope you will find this blog post very helpful regarding Difference between UI and UX Website Design.

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