CSS Flipping Animation With Example

CSS Flipping Animation With Example : Introduction

Css animations are widely used. The beauty of css animations lies in its simplicity. In this article we will see how to use css animation. See the following code:

            /* flip the pane when hovered */
            .flip-container:hover .flipper, .flip-container.hover .flipper 
		transform: rotateY(180deg);

            .flip-container, .front, .back 
                width: 320px;
                height: 480px;

            /* flip speed goes here */
                transition: 0.6s;
                transform-style: preserve-3d;

                position: relative;

            /* hide back of pane during swap */
            .front, .back 
                backface-visibility: hidden;

                position: absolute;
                top: 0;
                left: 0;

            /* front pane, placed above back */
                z-index: 2;
                /* for firefox 31 */
                transform: rotateY(0deg);

            /* back, initially hidden pane */
                transform: rotateY(180deg);        
    <div class="flip-container" ontouchstart="this.classList.toggle('hover');">
	<div class="flipper">
		<div class="front">
			<!-- front content -->
                        <img src="image.jpg" height="480" width="320">
		<div class="back">
			<!-- back content -->
                        <img src="image2.jpg" height="480" width="320">

CSS Flipping Animation With Example : Output:

Now when mouse is on the image the image itself changes as seen in the following two outputs:

Explanation Of The Code

Now let’s understand the process of the flipping. In the code we have added mainly four classes i.e. flip-container, flipper, front and back. Front and Back are two images.

Now first we have flipped the pane when mouse is on it. Then after we have defined the width and height of it. After that we have defined the speed of it. Then after we have hided the back face visibility of each image. After that we have putted front on the back. Lastly we have hided back initially.

CSS Flipping Animation With Example : Conclusion

I hope that you have really enjoyed this article and have got enough knowledge of css animations. Comments and questions are welcome.

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