How to Create Awesome Mobile App Designs ?

According to leading Analytics firm Statista , Apple App Store has 1.5 million active apps and Google Play store has 1.6 million apps. The mobile app has changed the way we do business, the way we interact with our customers. Average daily time spent accessing content from mobile apps & online content has reached 3.3 hours daily among youths.

Many SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) are showing interest in developing a mobile app for their businesses.

Mobile has very small screen size. Due to this user has fewer attention spans on a mobile app, therefore UI and UX design must give intuitive and smooth experience. Ideally, you need a design interface that is easy to understand by novice users as well as experienced users.

create mobile app design

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A lot of time New entrepreneurs and small businesses doesn’t have a clue about how to start the mobile app development process. Oft time what is needed is to have right development partner by your side who can guide you to craft perfect strategy for app development.

There are various business models in mobile app development. i.e. you can make money via selling ads in your app, via in-app purchase, by selling mobile app platform to other B2B services.

Before begging of the project you need to decide on the objective of app development.

  • Better Business workflow management
  • Automation of Business Process
  • Better customer engagement
  • Improve and grow business processes
  • Increase efficiency and ROI

Custom mobile apps can help you add a new revenue stream. The choosing development platform is also an important decision for mobile app development. Mobile app Development partner can help you choose right development platform for your new app.

Here are Top 6 Reasons why you need Mobile App Development.

Tips to Design new app.

Clean UI and UX

You app need to have clean and sleek User Interface (UI). The design is the first thing that catches the attention of the user.

User research such as personal interview, surveys  will help you understand user preference and personas. This will help you in creating the design that users will love.


The app has to be usable. If your audience can not use app easily then they will delete the app after one use. Usability of the app make it your product more useful and you can get desired ROI out of it.

KYU (Know Your User)

Knowing potential user is very important part of mobile app design. There are three fundamental tactics for the understanding user as highlighted in UX Design Process & Documentation.


User personals are expected the behavior of your potential users. It allows us to determine what will attract users to an app and what will drive them to stick with the app.

User Scenarios

User scenarios will help us understand how the user will interact with an app. With user scenarios, Designer will able to design UI  that will best suit your business need. You can accomplish business objectives with clean UI design.

Experience Maps

This step helps you to understand each step that user will take through the app. This will help us understand exact circumstances that cover those step.

Iterative Design


When designing an app, our expert designers begin wireframing of an app. Based on the feedback and suggestion on wire frame design , it is iterated and improved upon. Improvement in app design is also important after launch of an app from the UI and UX perspective.

User Engagement

While designing of an app it is important to keep in mind How the user will engage with the mobile app. If the user doesn’t like to app or find it too complex to use he is not going to use it again.

One of the objectives of the app is to keep the user engaged with a mobile app. From Content-length to element design & Placement takes an important part in User engagement.

Navigation & Buttons

Apple Inc Recommends that all buttons should be about 44 pixels;  In actual use, it can vary depending upon the device. Don’t make to the button so large or small. Expert mobile app designers can help you overcome all these challenges.

Determining the placement of tappable elements can be cumbersome if you don’t have prior experience in designing of an app. You don’t want to put large elements so that it looks weird or small elements not enough visible by users.



While designing mobile app mobile app developer should focus on finger-friendly design. App design should have ample space for users to tap and click with a fingertip. If elements and buttons are too close users will find it difficult to use a mobile app.

Hire a Good App Designer

Alphanso Tech has been doing mobile app design for years helping Entrepreneurs and small businesses. We have expert mobile app developer who can understand your need and help you execute you project successfully.


Mobile app design is very crucial part of app development project. You need to consider UI /UX , Usability , Personas ,  Accessibility and more while designing your mobile app. It is also important to have right mobile app development partner in order to execute your project successfully.

I hoped you will find this post very useful regarding How to Create Awesome Mobile App Designs .

Let me know any questions if you have regarding it. I will reply ASAP.

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