Cracking the Donald Trump Social Media Code

Donald Trump Republican nominee of US Presidential Election in November 2016 of has won the Super Tuesday battle.

Donald Trump is widely successful businessman and he is in news almost every day due to his controversial statements and remarks.

Trump won Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Vermont, Alabama, Virginia and Massachusetts on super Tuesday.

Being a political leader one can not ignore the social media. Trump has gain negative attention for his is immature comments like building a wall on Maxico border , proposing to block all Muslims from entering in US etc. Although he is seeing impressive growth of followers and mentions across social media.

Trump Trumping Social Media

Donald Trump has shown impressive social media following growth since he became Republican party candidate. He has much higher engagement on Twitter than any other fellow candidate. Trump continuously tweets about various current issues and very strongly puts his views on various issues. Trump also scores high on Facebook where he has highest likes and comments per 1000 fans.

Social Media Ranking

It’s interesting to know that other candidates are not respond to followers and increase engagement. This is one area where fellow candidates can improve their visibility.


On the Negative side Donald Trump hyper activation on Social media backfired many times and trolled on Twitter and Facebook. Here are couple of examples

Donald Trump Misquotes Mahatma Gandhi

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain

A photo posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on


Trolled on Twitter


Donald Trump Misquotes Bible


Trolled on Twitter

John Oliver launched Anti-Trump Campaign

On the 28th February 2016 episode of’ Last Week Tonight’ John Oliver launched anti-Trump campaign and launched Blistering attack on Donald Trump with Facts, Figures and supported clips. It has got 18 Million Views in just couple of days on YouTube making it most popular Episode by John Oliver.

This episode has gone viral on Social media and got coverage on popular newspapers and magazines across the world.


Donald Trump should use Good PR Agency to manage his reputation online moving forward as election becomes closer.

Though I have double it will have any effect on his PR.

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