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Today business is growing at very fast pace. Today according to statistics 64% of Americans owns a smartphone. They daily access the websites from their smartphones. According to a fact, it is considered that nearly 74% of mobile users will leave the unresponsive sites. And therefore every business has to take care of its mobile users that they may not go away. Before you start investing your time and money in converting your website into responsive first let’s understand what responsive exactly is.

Understanding Responsiveness

Gone are the days where designers were designing the websites for particular screen sizes. Now the access of internet shifted from computers and tablets to smartphones. So it is very important that your website looks fine on small screen sizes as well. There are several factors to be considered like one of them is readability of content on small screen size. This is the concept of responsiveness that how your website performs on different screen sizes. Now if your website is not responsive than let us see how you can transform it into a responsive one.

Convert Your Website Into A Responsive Website

 You have to work a lot if you decide to convert your website into responsive. Let’s see the steps you need to take to convert your website into responsive one.

  • Choose A Framework

Although converting your website into responsive takes a lot of time, you can save your time by selecting one of the frameworks. Most popular frameworks of the day are Twitter Bootstrap . This framework allows you to modify your website instead of creating it from scratch.

  • Convert Your Code

Another important decision you have to take about your code. Now that you have to convert your website from fixed layout to responsive layout, you have to convert your code. First, you have to add meta keyword and then after you should establish your CSS rules.

  • Review Your Site

Now as you have converted your website into a responsive one, you have tested it. Test your website from the various screen that your website works well on different screens. Access your website from the laptop, computer, and smartphone.

 I hope you will find this post very useful regarding Converting Website into responsive . Let me know if you have any question regarding Responsive Website Design. I will reply to you ASAP.

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