Best Quick Start SEO Guide for Entrepreneurs

Search engine optimization isn’t always on top of a entrepreneur or business owner’s list–especially if you’re running a startup. Additionally, most entrepreneurs are intimidated by the notion of ranking high on Google. So, since the benefits are clear, it is time to take a peek at SEO for your organization.

Following is a helpful fast start SEO guide that contains the fundamentals you need to know.

  1. Optimize your website

Custom coded websites require you understand the technical side of SEO so as to optimize site pages. But with WordPress based websites, it is possible to install plugins such as Yoast SEO and just follow their search engine optimization instructions for on-site optimization. Yoast is free with a paid version available for $69 per year. This can set you at ease if you are dreading the code facet of your SEO strategy.

  1. Know your ideal client

Next up, you Want to understand 3 Important things about your target market (and your competition):

What they are looking for;

How frequently is a given search phrase used;

And the competition level for every phrase?

I have great news, this component is actually much easier than it seems!

I highly suggest a tool known as Keyword finder, a easy-to-use keyword search tool to find perfect keyword thoughts. Simply enter keywords you feel that your target audience uses. Pick the area your target demographic is located. Click “Locate Keywords” along with a list of relevant search phrases will be shown. With every search term, You’ll also see 2 Crucial metrics:

Search (search quantity)

DIFF (issue of the given phrase)

At this time, the name of the game is to locate a keyword phrase which has high search volume and low difficulty. Keep it below 30 or 40, because your website likely does not yet have enough domain authority to rank for harder key terms. Create a list of at least 25 phrases which you really need to rank for, so it is possible to use them later in your content.

KWfinder’s free accounts includes 3 lookups per 24 hours and 50 related keywords per search. The basic account gives you 100 searches daily at $149 annually.

  1. Publish SEO-friendly content regularly

In the center of any relevant SEO strategy is satisfied. Google wants to serve pertinent information to customers and to do that, your website should give valuable content.

Content advertising can also be where the first two measures get involved. Pick one or two keywords for every page and plug them in to Yoast until you publish your articles. Follow the directions from the Yoast instrument and you will receive your own Yoast “SEO green lighting”. At this time, your on-site SEO for that specific page is going to be completed.

  1. Prove your authority

The final step is to reveal Google you are worthy of their visitors. This can be done with social proof in the form of high quality links to your website. I am not going to candy coat it to you personally, this is definitely the most difficult step. It will make or break your search engine optimization strategy!

Again, I have some fantastic news! There’s a excellent tool to select the guess work out of the process and save you a massive period of time and frustration. SEOJet analyzes links to the page that you would like to rank and contrasts it to the connection profiles of other high rated websites. Then it gives you a street map of the links and link-text you need position at or near the top of Google.

In terms of how to discover links, there is another terrific instrument by Backlinko that provides you an exhaustive list of connection building/earning strategies and divides them up by time frame, link worth, and skill dependencies.

If a connection looks too easy to get, then it probably is not worth much. Everyone else is probably spamming that website for links. Furthermore, links from unethical sites can really hurt your site authority.

Instead, lean heavily in your core abilities as a organization. Make sure folks know you are the expert web designers and web developers. Provide value and instruct your target market on your business and you will never know where your content may end up.


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