Best APIs to Boost your Business in an Organic Way

An Application Programming Interface (API) is one of the greatest tools a programmer can use. At its simplest level, an API is prewritten code, that tells software and programs the way to communicate with one another. Only because they give a succession of subroutines written and analyzed quite simply, APIs ease the development of software and apps. So, instead of creating a totally new code for Navigation (that could take years), programmers may use Google’s Map API.

As a web development company, we have extensive experience in leveraging APIs that are distinct for different sectors. This expertise has given us a unique insight to the very best APIs for Startups and entrepreneurs. What follows is a short guide on the top APIs to use – and when to rely on them.


PayPal is a leading payment processing company. PayPal APIs give you the power to accept payment across many different countries. You can use billing plans and bill agreements to create an agreement for a recurring credit card, bank card or PayPal payment through APIs.

You can accept payment with PayPal’s robust APIs. PayPal also offers REST API to easily and securely accept online and mobile payments. You can enable the customer to make PayPal and credit card payments with ease. You can accept immediate payment, split payment or authorize payment and capture it later. You can also see the details like pending payments, refunds and authorizations. You can make full or partial refunds.

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The rise of Messaging Apps in the last year is fairly astounding, in the arrival of ChatBots, to the success of SnapChat or Instagram. In fact, if you’re searching for an enterprise venture in 2017, a Messaging app is a wonderful option. And when you’re going to construct a Messaging program, you’ve got to take a look.

Twilio actually identifies some Cloud-Established APIs used to enable video, text, and voice communication between different users. Twilio is especially good for business to business communication because it’s assembled to prevent service outages thoroughly, even when hosting servers have crashed.


Some sort of Analytic ability is an absolute must for virtually any company of any size. Data is the lifeblood of the organization that is the present day; it behooves a business owner to have excellent Analytics API. When it involves Analytics and MixPanel may be the top choice the web and mobile app service providers.

Among the biggest criticisms of Google Analytics is the fact that it can take anywhere for one hour to your half day to upgrade its metrics. MixPanel’s data is upgraded instantly.

The one drawback is that it’s pricey, although MixPanel has several other characteristics which are outstanding. Don’t worry, our developers know just how to massage Google Analytics API (which will be free) to do pretty much anything. Check us out to learn more.

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Stripe is among the very robust and best choices for eCommerce in the whole world. It’s cost-effective, oriented towards Entrepreneurs and SMBs, and, perhaps most importantly is extraordinarily protected. Stripe is, given a run for its money by probably the biggest name in this business, Paypal, but the nice thing about Stripe is the fact that it manages a lot of the regulatory conformity side of Banking.

Stripe stores all payment info on its servers, getting the onus of regulatory and security compliance upon themselves. What this means is their customers save money by not needing to fulfill exceptionally high protection requirements. The gamut runs on Payment needs for online businesses, thus contact our programmers to understand more.

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Facebook has many types of different web APIs like Apigee Facebook API, Social Webhook API, Facebook Graph API, Facebook Live API etc. Social Webhooks API, platform is used for building applications that are available to the members of the social network of Facebook.  


IBM’s Watson capacities range from Cognitive Cooking to Chess, but Watson has also been quietly revolutionizing how data is understood by businesses. Watson uses AI to better understand how a data fits together and helps business owners plot a lesson that is better forward. While the bottom line is ’sed by improving an organization whole by having an exceptional Virtual Assistant, customer relations can enhance.

Watson makes it more easy for a small business owner understand its customers, including how it can be enhanced to better meet the needs of users and how customers use a service –. Watson is the future of business analytics and customer relationship management. After all, AI is definitely the best method of business owners to comprehend this new generation of online shoppers.

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You needed to understand it was coming. The commercial success of Amazon in the past year continues to be tearing up the net. For almost any technology blog, the reference of Amazon is now obligatory.

The latest field for IoT business is Smart Homes. In 2016 alone, Both Amazon and Google made moves to develop a House AI, and industry legend Mark Zuckerberg built Jarvis, his own personal system. In other words, should you be planning to start your personal Startup, you should definitely be considering Smart Home domains and the IoT. This would likely function as the next billion dollar industry – and Alexa’s APIs enable you to get your foot in the door.

Any SMB, Any API

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In this blog post, we have discussed different APIs that you can integrate with your website or eCommerce site. We have also discussed functionality  of different APIs like Facebook, 

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