Basic Principle to Create an Awesome UX for Mobile Apps

The latest technology and internet access have influenced people’s lives to a great extent. Today most of the peoples are addicted to use smartphones on a regular basis, they use it for accomplishing various tasks like shopping, selling products, booking tickets, and much more. According to a Statista report, the global smartphone penetration rate has increased by 40% for previous years as there are around 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide, this number is expected to jump higher in nearby future. 

SmartPhone Users WorldWide

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Another report by eMarketer shows that U.S adults spent more than 3 hours 55 minutes on their smartphones, they use their smartphone for various purposes like exploring one or another application, besides using information and communication apps they also use various applications like banking, healthcare, education, and many other. While using any of the apps on their smartphone, they simply expect to have excellent user experience (UX), and if the app fails to provide them with it, then they will not take a second to abundant the app from their phone. 

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Know How You Can Design Best User Experience for Your App Users   

While developing your first dream app, make sure that it is useful as well as intuitive for the users. Developers and startups need to understand that users will have no reason to download your app if it’s not helpful to them, in the same way, they will ignore downloading your app if it takes too much time to load and also perform poorly on their smartphone. The recent report represents that more than 75% of the downloaded app is used once by the user. Most of the users don’t return to the app after using it for once, as it has provided a bad user experience. 

Downloaded App Reports

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Business startups who want to make their app the next big success need to make sure that they develop an app that provides excellent user experience (UX) to them all the time. Startups as well as business giants, need to consider following listed pointers to make their app perfect suit for their users. 


Market Research

Market Research


Even before finalizing the design and development process of your business app, make sure that you perform in-depth market research for the same. This market research can avail businesses with a variety of information that they can use to create an excellent solution to provide the best user experience to the targeted customers. Even this market research can help to clear various answers like:


  • What users expect to have in the app?
  • What features must be included in the app to craft excellent UX?
  • How can your app satisfy the needs of your prospective customer?
  • How will your app interact with your targeted users?


Market research will also help you to know where you are lacking in providing excellent user experience to the customers. It will also ensure you keep your users in the topmost priority while crafting the app for your business. Thus by considering the market research, businesses can leverage various benefits for their business. 



App Usability


A recent study by Google represents that on average, users have downloaded more than 36 apps on their smartphones, and users have used the app even for less than 9 times on a regular basis, while less than 4% of apps were used by users for over a year. Hence to ensure that your app users don’t an abundant business has to make sure that they craft the app that provides excellent UX to the users each time they use the app. To ensure the goals within the app and provide users with excellent design, the startup also has to pay attention to the usability of the application.

Usability simply encompasses the layout of content, design, information, and other elements that enable users to achieve their app usage goals. It can help them to instruct app users in a much accurate way, users can easily know which they can select which icon, can tap on which icon to get the best result, what must be swiped, and much more. It also ensures that app users remain with consistent gestures throughout their app journey to optimize usability. 


Limits Users Input

Most of the app users aim that any of the particular apps provide them the facility to store various information so that they need not have to enter it again while using that specific app. Many of the users aim to save multiple information like their billing information, registration details, and much more. Make sure that the app input process is minimal on mobile devices as they get frustrated when they need to input all the data again and again on the small screen size. Make sure that you limit the number of app fields to avoid high drop off rates and only include necessary information. 


App Trustworthiness and Security

App Trustworthiness and Security



Almost all app users avoid using the app that is overwhelmed with a lot of permissions, thus while developing the app, businesses need to assure that they create such an app which doesn’t ask for numerous permission before the users use the app. These permissions include credit card information, access to the gallery, and also other information related to the users. Ensure that transparent permission policies are followed and provided by you and also make sure that you allow users to control the personal information that they need to share with the app. 


Search Efforts

Try to develop an excellent app that helps users to find exactly what they want. They will never prefer to download the app that is not useful for them and fails to satisfy all their demands in real-time. Numerous search strategies must be considered while developing an app for the users, this strategy can include:

  • Barcode scanning strategy. 
  • Keyword searching strategy.


Make sure that you provide users with filters and search options that they can use to find exactly the product or service which they are looking for. This will surely help you to improve your conversion rate and earn more happy customers for your business. Happy customers will help to enhance your marketing strategy as happy customers are more likely to share information with other customers. 

Summing It UP

Providing an optimized mobile app user experience (UX) is not an easy task. Business startups need to consider various elements that work effectively and help them to satisfy all the requirements of the customers and also help to meet your business goal in no time. Keep in mind that excellent UX demands an innovative shift away beside the conventional practices, hence make sure that you take the support of professional mobile app development firms who possess the expertise in crafting excellent apps to offer the best ever user experience to the app users. 

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