Apple TV : Things to Lookout For

Nov 04, 2015

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On September 9, Apple Inc. announced 4th generation Apple TV which it started to ship today.Apple TV features new touch remote control which has motion sensor, Siri support and swipe-to-select features instead of arrow button in the old remote. Apple TV also features that new tvOS which is associated with app store.Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook said  on its launch that  The future of TV is apps . It allows third-party apps for games,video,audio and other content they also allows API for developers to release app specifically to Apple Tv. Now, let’s look at the some of the cool features of Apple TV which stands out.

Very Easy Setup

If you have updated your apple device for iOS 9.1 then it’s good to go.Apple TV has a very easy set-up. It plugs into your TV and allows you to stream music, TV shows, movies and more can be directly streamed through internet to your TV.Connect the set top box with the television , then just tap on iPhone/iPad and it will show you wireless setting options, Apple ID and iCloud info will be directly synchronized to your device.

Apple TV

Apps, Apps and More Apps

Apple TV comes with app store which is backed by new tvOS platform. As stated earlier third party developer can easily add new content to the app store which offers tremendous scope to release new apps which can be compatible with tvOS.

The are number of streaming services which are available for download in tvOS are Apple Music, Netflix, iTunes Movies and TV etc and more is added everyday.Apart from this there are apps which user can find interesting are  in fitness and health, gaming, news, lifestyle etc.

Remote Control

The new tiny, thin looking remote control with cool looking buttons has been broken down with two main components for nav. buttons for home, volume control playing & pausing and accessing Siri  are given below touch surface.

Siri – More Powerful than Ever

New remote control has built-in microphone so voice commands can issue to Siri. This is helpful while navigating directly to main menu , This is really cool. But Siri is more powerful in Apple TV. She give you movie recommendation based on actors, characters, cast, ratings or genres. She can search through popular services like Netflix and iTunes to list out choices.

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