How API Integration Can Grow Your Business ?

With more and more companies becoming conscious of APIs related services, Level of sophistication of producing solutions to customers has improved. Why create something which is from scratch and has to be time tested for authenticity? Google Apps have already been through that practice of authenticity check. And above all, API Integration is simpler and contains reusable functionality with considerable ease of use due to plain-text & XML-based messages. APIs give you multiple formats and allow you to personalize the interface in accordance with your requirements.

We have been in the business of habit Software development for more than  6 years and we’re an expert in Little Team Software Development by following Agile Methods. We give a variety of services in custom API development with assistance from our profound web application development expertise. We at Alphanso Tech excel in the integration of distinct APIs and web feeds from PHP to allow content utilization from Google, Paypal, Amazon, and FedEx. We spend time understanding every little need of yours to urge you our eCommerce application which has been streamlined and perfected through the years to offer your customers with the relaxation you would like for them. We create Analytics Dashboards which allow your management staff in Business intelligence and data mining by centralizing data from several sources.

REST API Integration Service is primarily utilized by the Enterprises or organizations within their business sites or web applications. Most notable, Custom API Integration service enable taking benefits of 2 complex software systems in a connected way. So, Application programming interface(APIs) really scores two software platforms to communicate with each other. Thus, REST API solutions and service employed by each company in their websites or web applications.

Also, helps in providing better client services and thus assist in enhancing the development of your Internet companies. Most noteworthy, we’re providing cheap and custom API integration solutions for eCommerce and other businesses. We offer expert consultation and integration solutions for the Google Maps, Google Analytics, YouTube API, Google Checkout API to your existing or future websites.


What Do We Offer for Custom API Integration Services?

We’re at Alphanso Tech  Solutions, One of The very known IT firm offering excellent web and mobile apps development solutions using latest technologies. Especially for world-class advance services which can help your business to grow by two-step at a faster rate. Consequently, our dynamic and highly skilled programmers & developers are pros in API application programming. Hence, we provide a supreme degree of bespoke services based on processes like XML, Web services, and SOAP.

Our expertise in executing a Third party software application into your business computer software program for better communication between the two software, i.e. your small business and the third party vendor.

Why Choose us?

  • Most noteworthy, Customized applications for your business website or web application.
  • Also, Synchronize data between any two Software with Application programming interface assistance.
  • Creating customized integration based on your business requirements.
  • We can provide your consulting service to help you make a decision on the solutions.
  • Finally, we additionally encourage development, programming port, Google API providers, twitter, youtube solutions, Facebook, CMS, Saas providers at affordable rates.

Why Choose us for API Integration?

Experience and a process Driven strategy

We follow a Procedure Linking all the software applications within your business together in order to automate and simplify business processes to the best extent possible. We’re backed by expert developers and we create quality API applications that integrate with various other systems

Ability To safely integrate complex applications

Integrating applications Can be quite complex when it comes to implementation. We at Alphanso Tech know how to deal with these challenges and deliver the highest quality for all your integration related services.

Quality And Time of Delivery

Our exceptional API Integration solutions and API testing services are famous for quality and timely delivery to our clients.

We Follow agile development methodology

By following the process Of Agile Development Methodology, we concentrate on quick responses to feedback and constant development of your applications services.

Many Popular Google APIs that we Integrate

o Google Maps API

Integrate Google’s interactive maps with Content on your site.

o Google Chart API

Dynamically embed charts in your webpage.

o Google Checkout API

Start e-com transactions on your own website.

o Google Search API

Your applications or website.

View and update website information and Sitemaps In the form of feeds.

o Google Analytics API

Create client apps which use Analytics data

o Google AdWords API

Automate and enhance your online Google Effort management.

o YouTube API

Incorporate YouTube videos into your own website or application.

O View All Google APIs we could assist you to integrate into your systems.

Now, Let’s look at different API that we can integrate.

Social Networking API

With the rising trends of social media, more businesses are turning to social leadership. Recent statistics show that these businesses are getting profit due to these fantastic new marketing tools and techniques.

Social Networking APIs Help to connect controls, tools, and functions to render information from one social network to another so as to save time and reduce cost. It also boosts your business’s reach to a larger platform. We use following APIs with almost any social networking site development like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twiter, Google+ etc.

Payment API

With the boom of eCommerce websites and compressed period of today’s world, clients are turning more to online shopping. This has generated more need of secured, easy to navigate and easy Payment APIs.

Payment API in additional Payment APIs act as a digital point of purchase and protects card information by encrypting sensitive data for a bonded transaction between the cardholders and also portal-merchants.

Shipping API

Shipping plays a very important role in many online web & mobile apps as well as online eCommerce stores. For automatic logistics, it’s crucial to integrate scalable and intuitive Shipping API directly into websites or web application system. This, in return, enhances customer service with integrated UPS services and capabilities as well as, better business profit with enhanced procedures.

Shipping APIs reduce Overall prices with higher efficiencies in the mail room and employ better control of transport activities. This API also streamlines the transport of business without the expensive inclusion of hardware or applications. It also provides flexibility by allowing web developers to incorporate shipping functionalities right into the web or mobile application or e-commerce sites.


With the Introduction of Mobile phones, the world went into a frenzy with text messages or SMS and what not! Within this age of freedom, to find a company you need to remain in constant contact with your end-users. SMS API allows only that and a lot more.

SMS APIs Make It Possible for computers To send and receive sent SMS from a social media supplier. Create applications that can send as well as, receive SMS by using just phone numbers and shortcodes. Say hello to your friends, notify customers about delivered goods/services or alert workers about their shifts, this API allows users to chat or communicate easily.


To reduce the growing trend of Online fraudulent actions, telephone verification has a significant role. Therefore, phone verification helps to confirm businesses their customers are actual people and not spambots. Phone verification also raises trust in an internet marketplace and mitigates fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.


Authentication APIs are two types – OAuth and API Key access. Programmers use OAuth for safety reasons and API Crucial access for in-house software. Authentication over HTTPS helps to attest apps. Here, the App ID becomes the password and username will be the active API key for those applications.

I hope you liked the post on How API Integration Can Grow Your Business ?. If you have any questions about API Integration get in touch with us. Alphanso Tech is a leading eCommerce Clone Scripts development company.

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