Android Marshmallow : 5 Settings To Tweak

Android is vitally used technology today. Everyone now wants an android mobile. And why everyone should not? It’s ease to use. In this article In this article we will see something new about android. In this articles we will see the five changes in setting which can speed up you android marshmallow phone. So let’s begin our journey:

Change #1 Control App Permissions in Android

Just click on the settings app then select an App and tap battery & tap menu button and lastly tap battery optimization. After that select any app. You will see the optimize and don’t optimize radio buttons. Select any button as per your convenience. See following picture:



Change #2 New Volume Controls

          First play volume key to show controls then tap arrow. Then after you will be able to adjust sliders for ringer, media & alarms. See the following image:

Change #3 Control App Notifications

Go from setting -> sound & notification and then tap app notifications & choose app. Then after you can choose block or other options. You can turn these option on and off and per you convenience.

Change #4 Quick Settings Tune-Up-1

Firstly pull down notifications shade. Then hold down settings button for 5 seconds, then after scroll down the System UI Tuner and tap it. You will get a warning message. Now you will be able to add, delete & rearrange quick settings items and dragging them to delete. See the following image.

Change #5 Quick Settings Tune-Up-2

First tap status bar to edit then choose icons to be displayed. Only those icons will be displayed which you will set to display.

I hope you really enjoyed above five changes in the android marshmallow. If you want to see the video of it the click here.


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