All you wanted to know about $1.8 Billion Eventbrite IPO

Last month Eventbrite has filled for a $200 million IPO with SEC.

Here is the Quick summary of the IPO

  • Eventbrite aims to sell $200 million of its class A shares in US IPO
  • In 2017, Eventbrite has $201 million in revenue
  • Eventbrite will be listed under ticket symbol EB on NYSE between price range on $19 to $21
  • Eventbrite provides users with a platform to create, manage and sell tickets to events
  • Eventbrite is quickly growing its revenue
  • Eventbrite has raised approximately $334 million in Private investment to date.

Investors in Eventbrite include Tigar Global management, Squoia Capital, T. Rowe Price, 137 ventures and Tenaya Capital etc.

Eventbrite has assembled a strong, comprehensive technology platform to allow creators to fix many challenges related to producing live experiences. Their platform incorporates components required to plan, market and create live events, thus enabling creators to decrease friction and prices, enhance the reach and drive ticket sales. By lowering risk and complexity, Eventbrite enables creators to concentrate their energy on creating persuasive and effective events.

the business model of Eventbrite is simple: Eventbrite bill founders on a per-ticket foundation as soon as an attendee buys a paid ticket for an occasion. They develop together with founders as they plan, encourage and create more occasions and develop a presence. In 2017, they assisted over 700,000 founders difficulty approximately 203 million tickets over about three million occasions in over 170 nations.

They made their platform for many founders, whatever the class, state, size, frequency or type of occasion. Eventbrite empowers occasions which range from fundraisers, conferences, health activities and music festivals to courses and cultural parties all around the world. Everyone can make or find occasions on Eventbrite. This enables more creators to generate original and persuasive experiences, bringing more attendees into those adventures. As a result, they think we’re expanding the worldwide marketplace for live experiences.

We have an Eventbrite clone for Founders and startups. They can start an event management business quickly with our ready-made script.

The system of Eventbrite meets the intricate needs of founders via a modular and extensible design. It may be retrieved out of, our mobile apps and via other sites. This modularity facilitates fast product development and enables third-party developers to incorporate functionality and features in Eventbrite in their surroundings. Their platform also enables developers to seamlessly incorporate services from third-party partners like Salesforce, Facebook and Hubspot. Significantly, Eventbrite has designed their system to make the consistent and reliable performance, managing both surges in traffic and trade volume connected with high-demand on-sales as well as the load connected with encouraging countless occasions every year. This strategy gives creators a stage that could scale to their own needs, providing everything from basic registration and ticketing into some fully-featured event management system.

This staged approach has enabled us to pioneer a more strong business model that compels their go-to-market plan and enables them to effectively serve a huge number and wide range of founders. They believe that their business model will enable them to attain and increase endurance as they raise scale. They bring founders to their platform via multiple ways, such as previous experience as attendees, word of mouth from different founders, visibility in search engine results, the capacity to test our platform to get free from events.

A blend of trends in customer behavior and technologies is increasing the function and significance of live encounters and supplies a tailwind to our market opportunity. They call this “experience economy”.

Client Preferences Changing to Experiences

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, growth in consumer spending on adventures in the USA has always outpaced the overall increase in consumer spending for the past few

Decades during periods of economic downturn. At a proprietary report we commissioned, over 70 percent of adults surveyed within our top four geographical niches in April 2017 reported that they prefer to spend money on adventures when compared with material products.

Increasing Value of Experiential Marketing

In accordance with some 2017 eMarketer poll, occasions were ranked among the best marketing channels utilized by business-to-business entrepreneurs to engage with prospective clients and almost 70 percent of advertising decision makers in the USA intended to raise spending on occasions in the next year.

As a result of the growth of digital distribution of content, now, conventional media companies and content owners like a much closer relationship with a number of their users. Because of this, these media companies and content owners progressively leverage data using direct marketing and advertising abilities to target such end users with life experiences.

Tech Working as an Enabler

Recent advances in mobile apps, social networking, cloud applications, and other electronic technologies work as a catalyst for live experiences. By way of instance, mobile and online reduces the discovery and transactional friction related to getting tickets while social media functions as a low-cost advertising tool and supply channel.

More to be continued in further articles.

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