What is Agile Development Method? : Why it works ?

Agile is a widely popular Software Development (ASD) method. It is a creative process which provides flexibility and iterative development of incremental modules so that project can be completed in estimated time. Agile also helps to avoid project overheads like time and cost.

[Tweet “Agile development method offers disciplined project management system which can help in providing affordable and timely project delivery.”]


Agile development method offers disciplined project management system which can help in providing affordable and timely project delivery.

Some Benefits of Agile Development:

Complex Project can be executed with ease

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Agile Development methodologies help immensely in executing complex projects. It also allows progressive discovery of project scope.


[Tweet “Agile Development methodologies help immensely in executing complex projects.”]

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Improves Software Quality


Agile breaks down complex software into small modules/ units. This helps programmers to focus on quality coding , testing, and delivery of incremental modules.

By producing incremental modules helps in doing testing and reviewing the modules frequently. This helps in improving software quality.

Client feedback and new feature request can be accommodated due to agile.


Cost and Time Overrun can be Avoided

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Often we encounter the problem of Cost and time overrun due to lack of knowledge of proper software development. With Agile you can avoid it.

Each sprint or module consists of fixed duration. The client can easily track project updates which enable fast decision making and prioritizing module delivery.


Value for Money

Value For Money

[Tweet “Agile allows customer determine priority of the modules and feature in Web Application.”]

Agile allows customer determine the priority of the modules and feature in a web application. In this way, the team understands the important and core features in the application. Since Agile offers modular project approach time and cost overheads can be avoided. This way a client can ensure he gets the value for the money that he is spending.

Customer Satisfaction

Active involvement of a customer during product development increases customer satisfaction rate. As each module is being completed & delivered for the beta test, a customer can give valuable insight and feedback early in the project.

This important agile benefit can deliver which can create a lasting impression in customer’s mind and ensures smooth working relationship.

Collaboration between all stakeholders


Agile Project Management approach provides an opportunity for clients to be involved throughout the project, from project module planning to iteration planning to module review.

This also helps to the client to understand the modules and give feedback on the modules that has been developed or make suggestions to improve the functionality.

Working Module at Every Stage of Development


Agile Methodology provides working software modules at every stage of Software development.

A good team which practices agile can deliver working software at every stage of the development cycle.

[Tweet “A good team which practices Agile can deliver working Software at every stage of Development Cycle.”]

Sometime SCRUM methodology is also used for dividing the whole project into a sprint the basic unit for development. Every sprint starts with a meeting, planning, and sprint goal. Sprint ends with review and learning before beginning of the newsprint.


Agile Project Management is most suitable for you if you want to develop a software or application which you use for a long time.

Agile Development has few advantage over other software development method.

Therefore Agile should be preferred as a software development and web application development.

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