5 ways in Which Mobile Tech will get hotter in 2016

Mobile Tech has outperformed the Personal computers. People has realized the power of Mobile and in coming year these are the key trends that will transform this dynamic Industry.In this article, we will discuss 5 ways in which mobile Tech will get hotter in 2016.

Apps, Apps, and Apps

Companies such as Uber and others have opened the new term called shared economy. Here is How you can build your Uber for X Startup.  This is hugely popular in Developed and developing  markets such as China and India.Commerce companies like Amazon and eBay are conducting flash sales for mobile only they are also offering a special discount if goods are purchased from mobile apps. Telecom companies and eCommerce companies and all are sitting on huge actionable data of users so in the coming year, we can expect more personalized mobile experience from mobile apps.

Mobile Entertainment

Mobile apps and games have become new entertainment medium. In Top 20 apps in Apps store, more than 70% of the app are games. People love to play games online. In the coming years, mobile video streaming is going to surpass Television viewership. Users are using Video on the new platform such as Vine, Snapchat, Blab to name a few.

Mobile Wallet

The mobile wallet is changing the way we shop online. Mobile wallets will be used for recharging your phone to ordering grocery. Some innovative mobile app startups are offering peer to peer lending through mobile apps and that is going to change the retail industry.


What if you can manage temperature of your room from your mobile? Yes, this is reality and internet of things are changing the way in which we interact with devices around us. IOT integration with mobile tech will disrupt this industry and it will be interesting to see how this shapes in 2016.

Big Data with Mobile

It is said that data has a cost but information has to value. Mobile apps give valuable insight into the user behavior and user pattern.Companies who can transform that data into valuable insights will be in demand by companies. Potential synergies can happen between companies that have rich data and those who can user that data and get value out of it.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding  ways in Which Mobile Tech will get hotter in 2016 . Let me know if you have any suggestions/questions  regarding it . I will reply to you ASAP.

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  1. Agree with you, they are going to rock in 2016. Growing mobile technology are making them most powerful devices. They are taking over desktop and laptops. Now websites receive more traffic from mobile devices and therefore making the ad networks and eCommerce industry to innovate and develop new advertising and marketing strategies.

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