10 Awesome Ways iBeacon app can help you excel in Business

The introduction of iBeacon and Eddystone

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or  iBeacon is a tiny device that transmits Bluetooth low energy signals at regular intervals. This signal is transmitted in a certain format, that contains a string of numbers and characters. Two most common protocols that beacons use in transmitting signals are iBeacon ( Developed By Apple) and Eddystone ( Developed By Google) .  iBeacons are available in various formats like small devices & USB stick.


iBeacons for iOs

iBeacon is Developed by Apple Inc. in 2013. Various vendors like Esti mode, Kontakt.io have made iBeacon compatible hardware devices which transmit signals. It is natively supported on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Transmitted signals from iBeacons detected by  compatible mobile app or OS. It can be used to track data, physical location sends push notification etc.


Eddystone for Beacons

Eddystone is an open source communication protocol  Developed by Google Inc. keeping Android Users in Mind. Eddystone works similarly as iBeacon devices. Unlike iBeacon  Eddystone works as 3 different types of protocol:

Eddystone-UID : It broadcasts a short code at regular intervals.

Eddystone-URL:  It broadcasts URL that can be viewed by anyone with mobile device

Eddystone-TML :  It broadcasts some data about the status of beacon & sensors if attached.

Eddystone can help small and medium business in an immense way. In emerging markets like India and China has a huge population who uses Android platform in their mobile. This way Eddystone is an important platform for businesses to make an app which can help masses.

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iBeacon technology can disrupt the education industry. For example, an app can be made for use of teachers to recognize students automatically and take attendance in the classroom.

The can also be made which give a teacher in a whole profile of every student detected in the classroom.

Following are the additional way in which Beacons can be used in Education Sector.

  • Send Alert to parent when students are absent at school or college
  • Allow students and teachers to communicate through Beacon enabled app
  • It can be used for Classroom learning purpose



iBeacon technology can help you manage events effectively. For example, it can help attendees pick up their badges electronically and get more involved in the event. It can allow audience interaction during an event where attendees can ask questions, discuss any topic and answer live polls.

iBeacons can also be used for brand promotion and efficient networking during the event. Check this Case Study to know how of how it can be used for events.

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Major League Basketball has installed iBeacons at around 20 Ballparks around the US to offer unique and more engaging experience at the ballpark. Fans can check-in to the ballpark via app and teams can send push notifications and relevant offers through the app.

A sports team can leverage iBeacon that includes building a loyal fan base, create brand visibility etc.Check out this case study to know how of how it can be used in Sports.

Beacon for Big Data

Business and retailer can find out what their customers are doing, their purchase habits, their purchase pattern etc. You can monitor the customer data and can send them customized and personalized message and deals when you enter the retail store. The customer can take advantage of the better deal and can utilize deals more effectively.

Beacon solutions for Mobile Payment

Beacons can be used to make purchase item via an app. For e.g. Apparel store can install Beacons in premises. Beacons integrated with the app can help them choose the clothes they want and purchase apparel with app electronically without standing in a queue. iBeacon offers flexibility in mobile payment and can help increase sales. iBeacon has the potential to revolutionalize mCommerce.

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Beacon Solutions for Vehicle Tracking

Beacons solutions can help track vehicles and help improve business processes. For e.g. Food Trucks roams the city every day for events, parties, catering etc. Beacons can be placed in the food-trucks and it can send notifications to people who are nearby or in a beacon range. They can see the location of the food truck and plan their schedule accordingly.

Beacon Solutions for Navigation

iBeacon solutions can be used for navigation purpose. For e.g. Huge Shopping mall can installed beacons at different places in the mall and can help shoppers navigate to find the item they want. In Airports beacon solutions can be used to navigate through the door and it can help them to find the things that they want. iBeacon solutions can be offered to various places for navigational purpose.

Transform your visitor into app users

Social Media Influencers

Mobile App is awesome! It’s a good medium to engage customers with the brand. When your customer visits your physical store they purchase the good or items and leave. You can use iBeacon to push your mobile app to the users and let them to what you have to offer.

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The power of Proximity

Eddystone-URL protocol allows you to send you to link to any device in beacon range. You can promote your business with proximity even if you don’t have your mobile app for business. For Example retail store owner can send special offers and discounts once someone enters the store via push notification.

Using Sensors


Eddystone-TML (Telemetry) It gives you sensor driven data and you can manage humidity and temperature of the warehouse by analyzing the data given by beacons. TML can also be set to perform an action based on triggers set in Beacons. For example, A hotel can set up beacons in rooms that automatically adjust room temperature according to guests’ preference. Check out this case study to get know-how of how it can be used in Hotels.


iBeacons are very powerful. Small and medium businesses can take advantage of Beacon Technology and increase brand awareness and sales. It is also important to have right development partner by your side to help you get most out of what iBeacon has to offer.

I hoped you will find this post very useful regarding Awesome Ways iBeacon app can help excel in Business.

Let me know any questions if you have regarding it. I will reply ASAP.

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