What is website clone or clone script | Who need this?

What is website clone:

Website Clone! there are many myths and misunderstanding persist with clone term. Most people refers website clone some software or application to makes  copy of an entire website. We are not talking about this obviously as this is unethical and illegal in many contexts. We are here discuss the actual meaning of website clone that adds value to your business and offers new vertical of services to your consumer. Let’s discuss  every aspect of website clone.

Do you need website clone?

Yes! Well, this applies to anyone who wants to start a business on the popular domain. As you are starting or about to start a business you may have closely studied the established website in the domain. You may also have considered the weak points, a list of features & functionality and design changes of that website. Now creating a unique website inspired from the idea of that established website will our website clone. Which includes all the features you listed with innovative design changes and value-added service offering. This will ensure your website will be familiar to your targeted user.

Our consideration for building website clone:

Creating a website inspired from existing website with value addition like new features, new service offerings, new design and improved user-experience is what website clone for us. The company developing clone script should understand the importance of most fundamental elements like database design, code architecture, code modularity, scalable factor, design and user-experience factor. We have dedicated a team for each domain such as programming, designing, and testing. Each of our website clones needs to pass through strict testing from our testing department. This ensures that client gets the best performing clone.

We do not offer me too clone scripts at a cheap price to just boost our revenue. There are some companies who supply you ready made clone script which has no unique value, design philosophy or proper user-experience. We believe in the strong product that performs well and allow your scale it when you need to add more functionality. Each website has it’s own design philosophy. Our designed websites out shine in terms of overall look and feel. It indeed offers easy to navigate and improved user-experience. Users tend to spend more time as all the information are easy to find and easy to read. The website enjoys better engagement and longer user stays on a page!

Points to consider selecting website clone:

You may see dozens of clone script provider. They may strike your mind because of their price point. You may not know the code quality of their build, stability they offer and whether it offers scalability or not. Before finalizing clone script check for following points:

  • Customization Factor: Check how customization clone script.
  • Website Design: How well design a website is and how good it looks on screen.
  • Responsive Design: Check website looks uniform across the devices like mobile, tablet and computer.
  • User Experience: How good it feels to browse website and how easy to find everything on a website.
  • Speed: How fast website loads. How fast it will load after you add your products/content.
  • SEO: How to search engine friendly clone script is and how much control over SEO stuff it provides.
  • Built: Which technologies used for building clone script.
  • Maintenance: How easy it is to maintain.
  • Licenses: Does it require any special licenses to run the cone website do you need to pay anything extra for a license.
  • CMS: How good content management system do the clone script offers.


In summary, I would say, you should go with website clone if you need a website that is familiar with the majority of the user. Inspired from a popular website. Includes features of your market niche. It would be faster to design, develop and deploy. Easy to market as well.

We are offering custom website clone service and we are building PHP clones for quite a good time which included above mentioned all points for a good clone script. Contact us today for free consultation and price quote

Post by Darshan Joshi

Darshan shares a great passion for helping and empowering businesses around the world. With web application, he is helping businesses get more out of their business resources and an improved workflow. And the clone scripts help startups launch quickly in the market!

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