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Need to setup WAMP server or Manually install Apache PHP MySQL Windows a detailed guide on how to install Apache 2.4.x, PHP 5.x or PHP 7.x & MySQL on Any version of windows (Windows 7-8-10). The guide also includes steps for x64 bit Apache & PHP on x64 bit Windows machine. You can take full advantage of your development machine’s hardware resources.

Manually install Apache PHP MySQL Windows - Getting Ready

Three Pre-Requisites for Manually install Apache PHP MySQL Windows tutorial:

  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • VC++ runtimes


Apache 2.x

Manually install Apache PHP MySQL Windows - Getting Apache Ready

First and foremost part of server setup. Apache listens the port 80 by default and serves the web requests.
Apachelounge is our favorite source for Apache Windows builds. To download Apache:
Apache for x64 bit Windows
Apache for x32 bit Windows
After download unzip the the package. Find the Apache24 folder. Copy it and place it on your C: drive (Or any drive of your preference).

PHP 7.x

Manually install Apache PHP MySQL Windows - Getting PHP Ready

Downloading PHP is the second part of manually install apache php mysql windows guide. PHP has started developing x64 bit build for windows os lately. We can go for x32 bit or x64 bit windows built.
To Download PHP:
PHP 7 for Windows
Rename php.ini-development to php.ini This will be the configuration file we will be using to configure our php settings.


MySQL will be the final step for application download and installation process. Download MySQL here. The installation is pretty simple and straight froward. Follow the onscreen instructions. This also includes external components auto installation, setup bundles with all required third-party components.

VC++ Runtimes:

You need to install the VC++ run-time dependencies for Apache to run under windows environment.  Download the x86 VC++ for 32-bit windows and x64 VC++ for 64-bit windows.

Apache Configuration

Open Apahce24 folder that we placed on C: drive(Your preferred location). Locate and open conf folder. Open httpd.conf file under the folder. We prefer Notepad++ for settings configuration. Change the configuration mentioned below to your httpd.conf file. Observe the Line 179-189, Line 242-250, Line 278 & 285 for changes. Download the configurationready httpd.conf file here


PHP.ini configuration

Open the PHP directory that you have saved to C: drive (your preferred drive). Find the php.ini file for configuration changes. Look following mentioned section on your php.ini file for changes.

Download the sample php.ini configuration file here.

Apache as windows service:

Final step for Manually install Apache PHP MySQL Windows tutorial is to install apache as windows service. It will automatically start while login.

  • Open command prompt with administrator privilege
  • Goto your Apache24 directory
    • cd c:apache24 (If you store Apache24 on C drive)
  • Goto bin direcotry
    • cd bin
  • Fire the following command
    • httpd.exe -k install “Apache24”


Advantage of using manual installation:

What benefit you get by following Manually install Apache PHP MySQL Windows tutorial when There are popular software bundles available such as XAMPP and WAMP? The main advantage of is to take advantage of x64 bit windows platform. MySQL Database performance would be the biggest gain and separation of applications is main advantage. You can update individual component without affecting other application bundle. It works and behave more like OS integral part as it works under Linux platform. You don’t need to open any application interface and turn anything on or off.


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