Business Model of Online Portal for Kids and Parents

Gone are those days when you need technical expertise and knowledge to start your business. Every parent on earth is concerned for the future of their kids.  To search different things related to parenting and kids they have to search intensely on the internet. They need to find local activities for the kids in the city, find music and yoga classes for parents and children, buying clothes for the kids, discussing on parenting forums where you can ask questions and answer other people’s questions, kids web portal for searching fun activities and much much more.

If all this can integrate into one place and this would be a great resource for parents. Building such online web portal is a great business idea for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The annual sale for kids and infant clothing alone is expected to grow exponentially in next few years, so why not take advantage of this growing segment in e-commerce Space?

Here are the few services which you can offer online:

-Sell Merchandise and clothes for children

-Kids Learning Portal and App

-Local Activities for Kids

-Parents Interaction Web Portal

-Education Games with Interactive Content

Many startups are into the services that are mentioned above. But only a few of them offer more than one services. So the user has to search for the different website for various services they seek. If you can integrate more services into one portal, then you will have higher chances of success. At Alphanso Tech, we understand the business model and revenue stream for the business ideas of the entrepreneur. Our expert business analyst has analyzed the few web portals, mobile apps for kids and parents across the globe which are currently running in few countries.

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Business Model


Online Web Portal for Kids business models is divided into subsections to let users find valuable information such as buy merchandise, view learning video, discussion forum, blog so on and so forth. You will also need to integrate payment gateway with the eCommerce website. You can earn commission on every merchandise you sell from your store. You can display the ads on the website and make revenue out of it. You can charge for the premium content like videos, blogs on your site. There are various revenue streams for the Online Web Portal from Kids and Parents.

Merchandise and Clothing Section for Kids

The website visitor can browse through merchandise and clothing section for children. The section in the could be Clothes for Girls, Boys, Swimwear for Kids and it could also be theme based section offering clothes with a design that kids like Spiderman, Starwars, Junglebook, etc.

The user needs to register as a member on the website to add products to cart. In case the user wishes to sell the product in the clothing section, then they have to register on the site as a vendor. This option will show all the relevant functionalities like upload picture, product, price, etc. Register user can buy the product and website owner will earn their commission and transfer the payment to the vendor. You can also choose the commission percentage from the backend side.

Local Activities for Kids Section

Local Activities for the Kids Section

In this section of Online Web Portal for Kids and Parents, children and relatives can find online activities using the search feature; they can search the events in the city. They can also check the rating and review given by other members on the website. If you like any event or activity, you can register & book it online to take part in the activity.

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Parents Interaction Forums


In website portal, you can make sure certain features of the website are only available to premium users. Registered members can participate by asking questions and interacting with other users. You can include bonus features in this section with educational webinars, seminars, ask the expert section.

Education Content

You can have an educational content section in which you can have online educational videos; educational games will be available to website user. However, this section can also have featured section which can provide content for the credit points in the user’s account. Education content can also be uploaded by the registered members to share it with other users.

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Revenue Generation

As a Web portal owner, one needs to understand how the online portal will make money? Once the user is registered with the website, he will have the option to either become a member on a monthly or annual basis. Discount can be given if the user decides to join on a yearly basis. You can also use credit point system once the user registers on your website, these credits can be utilized for various things on a site like buying merchandise for kids, enrolling class, accessing premium content, etc.

Online Advertisement can also be lucrative with your targeted segment. You can sign up with online advertising network such as Google AdSense or can publish your advertisement by offering other vendors/businesses to showing their advertisement for a monthly/yearly fee.

Following are the possible Revenue Streams for Online Kids Portal

Commission on Purchased Orders

Membership Fee


Featured Listings

Merchandise Selling



Online Education segment is growing rapidly. Online portal for Kids and Parents area is still niche is not explored by many. Implementing such portal dedicated to parent and children can be a profitable business for budding entrepreneurs. However, you should make this portal according to your experience and business understanding. You should not fall for readymade scripts rather than make customized functionality with joining hands with experienced web designers and programmers.

Here it is aspiring entrepreneurs should make a note that whichever idea you choose, you need to stick with it and make your best effort to make it successful.

We hope that you will get inspired by this  idea and start your business and see how things work out for you.

We differential ourselves as from traditional web developers by focusing on niche-sharing economy solutions provider by partnering with startups and small businesses. This approach helps up in creating a specialized team which can help you craft a strategy for your new mobile app Startup.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding Business Model of Online Portal for Kids and Patents.

Let me know any questions if you have in comment regarding it. I will reply ASAP.

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Launch Your eCommerce Store and become E-business Entrepreneur. Contact Us
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