7 Key Principles of Agile Project management

In this blog , we will discuss 7 Key Principles of Agile Project Management. But what is Agile ? Agile development is a way of managing your project. It is defined as an incremental and iterative method to execute a project. It involves project planning, customer involvement, risk management and constant evolution of the project. As a result, the project can be executed effectively and efficiently.

Here are the 7 Key Principles of Agile Project Management:

1.Small Incremental releases in short period of time

The software is built to use by a user to perform the task efficiently , solve a problem that existed , do the job better with the use of the software. So with the small incremental releases distance between customer feedback and requirement shortens. This also boosts customer satisfaction ration.

2.Requirements evolve with project time if Fixed

Remember customer do not know what do they want until they have something to test.So if you give them working module then they will be able to give exact requirement which suits their business. This is the advantage of Agile Project Management so can accommodate requirement changes at any stage of development provided it doesn’t chance drastically.

Agile Project Planning

3.Iterate and Re-iterate

In Development methods used in the past such as Waterfall , documented strategy used to given on the development of a project and then the whole project was given to the client to test. But in Agile small module of a project is given to the client to test and iteration and re-iteration will be made according to client feedback before moving to next module.

4.Co-operation and collaboration between all stakeholders

Co-operation and collaboration are important when it comes to Agile project management. Various remote working tools can be used to better communication and collaboration.It helps developing teams and clients to understand the development and can lead to efficient project management.

5.Working Software At every Stage

One of the most important metrics of the Agile development team is : Is my Software Working at every stage of development? It doesn’t matter how much time and efforts development team has spent on developing software, bugs had been fixed etc. if Software which needs to be delivered to the client is not in working stage. A good team which practices Agile can deliver quality software if they follow this step.

6.Testing early and often

Testing the modules that have been developed and delivering it to the client is important. To prevent any glitch and failure in project development testing it frequently before delivering it to the client it an important part of Agile project management.

7.Avoid overhead

Agile Process helps in cutting unnecessary overheads. Overheads can eat your profits and make your project period longer. It’s better to avoid overheads by Agile Development Methods so that doesn’t impact the overall performance of your project.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding 7 Key Principles of Agile Project management . Let me know any questions if you have in comment regarding Agile. I will reply you ASAP.

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